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Metoprolol as needed??

I was wondering if anyone out there was using Metoprolol for their SVT on an as needed basis???  I have SVT and was started out on this drug and took it for a few months.  With ok from my doctor I quit taking it.  I hadn't had any episodes for about 6 months then I had one last night while I was sleeping. And it was a bad one, the kind where you think your gonna die. :(  My doctor had told me that some people can take Metoprolol on an as needed basis.  Thanks!
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I have heard of patients taking i\t on an "as needed" basis. I guess that means your SVT isn't that bad where you need it daily, so that is a good thing.
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I think it depends on which brand you're using. Some of them are in "slow release" formula (so a dose of say 25 mg is released through 24 hours) and will not work as a "pill in the pocket".

I have a beta blocker for use when needed, but that one is propranolol and not metoprolol (slow release). Propranolol works better towards anxiety, stress and other factors that may trigger a rapid heart rhythm. From time to time (generally stressful times) I can take 12,5 or 25 mg metoprolol in addition.

But I guess this is something that your doctor should decide as we are all different.
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I've received two different instructions from my family physician, and my cardiologist.  The former put me on 100mg/day and told me that if I had an SVT event, to chew on one, and that it would help in converting it.  When I told my cardiologist, he politely told me that "it doesn't work that way".  So take your choice.  Regardless, I found Metoprolol ineffective in preventing episodes, which in my case had grown to 3 to 5 times per month.  I do think however that the drug helped in converting episodes.  I had a self sustaining form of SVT that once initiated, would run on until I intervened or I guess dropped over.
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Metoprolol come is both slow release and in normal release, the normal release is much lower cost in the USA and is called Metoprolol Tartarait (sp?).  I used the slow release once a day for a few years but got approval to move to the regular release taken at 1/2 the former dose rate, but I take it twice a day.  I do not suffer from SVT, but I do take BB.
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Hi! I know im a little late but I was wondering what your outcome was with taking it as needed. I am in the same position you were. I hope you get a chance to read this.
Hi there! Wow that's been so long ago.  I took the medicine as needed for awhile, meaning if I had an attack I would start taking it again once a day like normal and eventually just weened myself off it.  It worked for me at the time.  It got to the point where I stopped taking the medicine completely.  What helped my SVT was cutting caffeine completely out of my life and exercising regularly.  SVT can be a scary thing. I sure hope you find some relief!  
It's been a long time but do you still get episodes of SVT?
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