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Metoprolol for palpitations and sinus tachycardia

I went to a cardiologist after experiencing two bouts of increased heart rate and/or palpitation. She ordered for an ECG and listened to my heart beat. Everything is normal but she said that I'm experiencing sinus tachycardia based on the ECG results. She gave me 47.5 mg of Metoprolol succinate for 10 days to be taken once a day to control the palpitations and increased heart beat. However I read from several sources that abruptly stopping the medicine will do more harm than good. Question: as I only need to take it for 10 days, will I not abruptly stop it after taking it only for such a short period of time?
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Unlikely to have a major impact.

It is always prudent to advise every patient to take medications as prescribed and only terminate as instructed. You are doing this, so you are likely ok.

The reason these warnings,exist is because some patients, in some situations can literally die from abrubtly stopping cardiac meds. Unfortunately sometimes folks start having adverse effects to some meds and rather then proceeding to the doctor or emergency room,they choose to simply stop taking the meds, some of these patients can pay dearly for this. This is not everyone, nor is it the majority of cases, nor is it a problem with every medication, however it is enough of an issue that it warrants a blanket warning. This way we can be certain that the determination can be left to a qualified provider with years of experience as opposed to dr google.
This is correct information.  I was on Metoprolol for five years prior to my electrophysiology procedure.  My physician instructed me to halt the dose 1 week prior to procedure.  For my situation, stopping it presented no problems.
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