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Metropolol dosage

HI everyone,

For those of you who take Metropolol -- have you ever heard of taking it as needed?  I am Hyzaar daily for HBP and when I get a bad bout of skips my Dr tells me to take a 12.5 mg or 25 mgs of metropolol.  HE says it should calm it down within 30 minutes.  Does anyone else do this?  HE doesnt have me taking it daily because somethimes it drops my BP too low but I have read that it isnt a good idea to start and stop metropolol -- but then again, some people take it for performance anxiety and even anxiety in general.  THoughts please?
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Main point, it is prescribed by a medical doctor, I would then assume it is reasonable.

I think the dose level you are taking, 25mg or less, is so low that there is not "shock" to you body by stopping, or starting suddenly.

If you were on 50mg or more per day for a period of time (how long, I don't know but suggest more than a month) it may be necessary to cut back by half until you are at 25 mg for a few days before stopping completely.
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I think the issue you are addressing sounds okay to me by what the doc said.  Taking is as we say PRN or only as necessary makes alot of sense to me to re regulate your heart a little.  I think the issue comes into play when you've been taking it daily for quite some time, stop suddenly and then take it only when you feel something not right in your chest.  And yep...alot of pro athletes take it some with no history of heart problems.  Its a good script for helping the heart not have to work as hard.  I would only be leery if i were you if you took daily doses and then re adjusted the meds yourself with out talking to the doc....never a good idea.....sounds to me like you have a pretty good doc and one who errs on the side of reason......good luck
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I took myself off metoprolol gradually.  I had to take it a couple of times to settle my blood pressure but finally was off it, I think it took about a month.  I am happy to say my blood pressure has remained very good, and there are natural bp reducers as recommended by my naturopath that I will try if I ever feel the need again.  I have had a few bouts of possible a-fib, they don't bother me that much and go away when my digestion settles.  I have linked this to digestion and food and controlling that has helped immensely.  

Metprolol helped settle things down at first, but I did not like the 'shaky muscle' side effects and I believe after awhile it caused more problems than less (pounding heartbeat, etc.).  I was on it for about 2 years. I have been off for about 6 months and it feels wonderful.

Good luck to you.  Take care of all of your health, diet, exercise, etc. and consult with a naturopath as well as your medical doctor to get the full benefits of both worlds.

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