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Mitral Valve/Atrial Fibrillation

What are the contraindications for robotic mitral valve repair?  My mother is 81, has increasing symptomology of MVR with A Fib that is limiting her active lifestyle.  She has a long hx of asthma and somewhat limited pulmonary fxn tests but has never smoked (or lived w/a smoker), does not drink, loves to exercise but now severely limited,. and has a strong mental drive.  She is on lisinipril 10mg, asa 81mg, metoprolol 25mg, a preventive inhaler, and a rescue inhaler.  She is very hopeful that this may be an option.  Is there an age that this surgery becomes inappropriate and insurance refuses to pay?
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I believe Medicare covers robotic surgery for valve repair, check with Medicare. My experience with secondary insurance is mine covers everything Medicare does - not sure about other cases, if there are any.  Try to get "in network" if that matters to the secondary insurance.

I am not aware of any age factors and can say I had Mitral valve valve repair and a mini-maze to stop AFig the old fashioned way, through the sternum (open chest) in November 2007.  I was 68 at the time and recovered very quickly, and it sounds like your mother's health would facilitate a fast recovery whatever method is uses.  Robotic surgery should take a lot less time to heal.

The most important factors are get a hospital and doctor that has a good record and lots of practice doing whatever procedure it used.  I went to a small hospital in Pennsylvanian, not as well known as the larger hospitals, but I liked the doctor's experience and liked the hospital recovery facilities and staff.  They did a great job... but unhappily my AFib returned.  The doctor gave the mini-maze about a 60% chance of success.  Guess some have to fall in the 40%, and I'm one of them.  My AFig does interfere with vigorous physical activity, but is otherwise not a problem.
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