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Mixing Coq10 and warfarin.

Been on warfarin for years with stable INR results.  Anyone have view on mixing warfarin and Coq10 meds?
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There is limited evidence based on a few reports that suggest these 2 meds should NOT be mixed.

Anecdotally speaking: CoQ-10 is frequently recommended for reducing side effects in patients taking statins ( like Lipitor) and I haven’t heard of anyone on warfarin having issues.

I would recommend consulting your doctor first (obviously) and maybe refraining from COQ-10 unless you have some nasty symptoms that you absolutely can’t tolerate which COQ-10 has been shown to alleviate.

Even at that I would do so under careful observation
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Just to be clear:

This is one of those situations where a few case reports and theoretical arguments have been put forward against it. But no real “study” has ever proven it

The question is more about how badly you realistically need to be taking COQ10.

The risk is very small and theoretical but if your warfarin fails to work that could have dire life threatening implications. If COQ10 is removed you may just feel crappy.

It’s therefore a difficult decision to make. Do you wanna take a small theoretical chance with death over it? How much is the COQ10 actually impacting your life?
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