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Monitor sending signals/No light on Screen


Let's see if I have this right. This is my first time wearing a monitor for 30 days. I tried a 24 hour monitor, but of course nothing happened during that time. My pounding, racing and fluttering  symptons became worse since the 24 hour monitor. I do have vasular disease. Hope something comes out of this 30 day one. Anyway, the monitor sometimes gets this little alarm looking token popping up and looks like it's sending signals. Does this mean that something was out of the ordinary? Sometimes its several in one day. Other days nothing.  Also there is no light on my screen. It's hard to see anything. Is this the way they are made?
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There are many varieties of 30 day monitors.  Mine did not auto trigger.  I had to push the button if I felt something and then call the reading in.  I had storage for only 3 readings before i had to call them in and clear the recorder.  I suggest that you research your particular unit online and read up on how it works. As well contact your doctor for proper instructions.  They should have given them to you when they gave you the unit.  I'm sorry they didn't fully explain things but you have a right to call them and know what the deal is with the unit.  Best of luck.  Hope you can catch it all.  
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LIke Michelle, I had the kind that you had to call in, and hold the monitor up to the phone when the 3 memory slots were filled with a recording.  Mine was set to auto-trigger and I could push a button.  There were no icons or display screen on mine other than a blinking green or red LED.
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