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I've drawn a lot of strength and reassurance from this forum over the last few months. As I'm relatively new to it I was wondering how and by whom it is monitored? There doesn't seem to ever appear any wacky "out there" bad info from the participants, such as you'd get on Craigs Lists Health and Healing forum for instance. Just out of curiosity.
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That does happen from time to time, but it's usually removed pretty fast.  Not sure who monitors it, but they do a good job!
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"THE MODERATOR" is very quick off the mark when you step out of line.  If he/she thinks something is unsuitable for whatever reason, the thread is edited and the bit you have offended with is removed.  When you are naughty they send you an e-mail to warn you to behave yourself, second time round you get warned that you will be banned if you continue along whichever line you are following.  Since then I've been good so I don't know what happens after that.  Hopefully I never have to find out since so many people on this forum have given me so much support and help lately.
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