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More pvc questions!

Hello all, I havent posted in quite a while and I just wanted to get some opinions and advice if possible. I've had what I assume are pvc's for a long time I'm 28 now and they became very frequent months ago. I exercise a lot and I don't feel them when I run or play basketball or lift weights or anything like that. When I'm at rest I was having a lot of them. I went to the doctor, was put on a beta blocker, then had an ekg and echocardiogram done. Everything was normal and I didn't feel hardly any for a while. Now for no reason I can figure out they have come back to being very frequent almost always when I'm at rest. My heart rate was 45 a minute when I got tested so I'm a little concerned about the beta blocker. Doctor acted like since I exercise a lot and take the beta blocker it's not a big deal. I just played a basketball game last night and felt great and now today I have been getting tons of them. Should I feel reassured with the tests I've had?? Does anyone know about pvc's happening more at rest? Any input would be great I'm getting back towards my panic mode again that I've been out of for a while! Thanks!
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just wanted to add also that from time to time I do get a few quick beats together, maybe 2 or 3 really fast, then back to normal. Once again always while at rest and most of the time while I am lying down.
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Hey, I'm 28 as well and I've been getting PVC's for about 2 months now..I also get them more when I am at rest, especially when I go to lay down at night, I will get several in a row. I don't know why this happens, maybe it's just possible that we're feeling them more at rest but they happen all of the time? who knows. Mine actually started after I was taken off of a beta blocker (metoprolol) and I am thinking that it was the medication that started them all..(I was taking it for high blood pressure..) I hadnever gotten them before. They are definately scary though...I wishthey wouold go away. So I understand what you are going through
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Hey, I'm 35 male who also has been experiencing these awful palps pretty much non stop. I've taken a bunch of suppliments also which really haven't helped much. Let me know how things go. My pattern seems pretty much identical as yours. They seem to get worse after exercise.
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That's very interesting you said that because that's the same beta blocker I'm on right now. However they gave me it to reduce pvcs. I think it was working for a while but I've felt some odd patterns like you describe since I've been on it. It's so scary and frustrating! What suppliments have you tried oceanminded? I've been taking some calcium/magnesium combo that hasnt seemed to help.
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I am almost positive that magnesium helps, but you have to take enough of it and the right kind.  I forget at the moment which one.  I know I take two 500 mg.....I'll check when I get home.  I've had PVCs for 33 years.  When I take the mag I notice a big difference.  Although I'm still testing.
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