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Much Lower heart rate than normal?

Well let me start off by saying im a 29 year old woman, overweight and not fit. I have been working on losing weight lately but its happening slowly. All of my life I've had tachycardia. Meaning my resting heart rate stays on the high end... between 85-100. I also have panic disorder and during panic attacks it can go up to 150? or more. Anyways, i had a heart check up a few years back to check on this and everything was clear but I havent been able to go back as I can no longer afford insurance. A couple days ago I noticed I've been feeling foggy headed maybe slightly dizzy so I took my HR. Since then I've been monitoring and it's been as low as 60 resting and even panicking only around 85. I KNOW these are normal ranges for anyone else. But given how I've always had tachycardia and monitored that off and on, I'm pretty scared that mine has suddenly went low out of the blue. It's not normal for me... I tried looking online to see if I should be concerned but most articles focus on suddenly increasing HR, not decreasing. I'm not sure what to think. Any insight or similar experience?
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My resting heart rate is around 58 bpm. It's been ~60 bpm since I was a kid, but I'm also pretty fit (being fit lowers your heart rate). I feel fine at 60 bpm. It doesn't make me feel foggy or lightheaded. As far as I know 60 is considered normal, but if it's not normal for you you may want to consult a doctor. You may also want to check your blood pressure. Abnormal BP (high or low) can also cause the symptoms you described above.
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