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Has anyone been on this new drug yet? Any major side effects?
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I should say more. This drug was prescribed for a future cardioversion for AFIB
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I have heard of the drug and am interesting in learning from you as I also suffer from AFib.  I have had a couple of successful, but temporary, cardioversions in past years.  I used Propafenone to help keep me in NSR.  In the two cases mentioned I got about 18 months of NSR before I reverted back to AFib.  

I am in AFib again and I am having discussion with my Cardiologist about trying an electrocardioversion again in the near future.  I will ask him about Multiq in this regard.

Does Multiq require hospitalization for implementation?  Is it to be tried to accomplish the cardioversion or is it planned as a follow-up maintenance drug in your case?
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Hi i read your post.....Multaq is the new wonder drug that is used for people who go into extreme cases of a fib in order to convert themselves at home rather than cardioversion with and AED at a hospital or chemical conversion.  I carry it with me wherever i go just in case and i have to say i feel great about that and feel like i have a safety net around me.  I am sure your doc told you at what point to take it and thus far i have been lucky and haven't had to use it but still feel great knowing that no matter where i go or what i do i don't have to worry about how or where to get to the hospital if a fib decides to rear its ugly head on me.  Maltaq from my understanding is not normally prescribed as an everyday med because it is the biggest oral gun out there.  All i do know about side effects that my heart doc told me was that i am safe taking it at home and if i don't convert within an hour of taking it then i have to make the call to him and he will no doubt send me to the E,R. for conversion but he also said that it would be pretty unusual for it not to work.....
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I've been taking Multaq since October.  Works great for me.  I will still occasionally go out of rhythm, but now I go back in within a few hours.  Last summer (before Multaq) I was out of rhythm all summer until my cardioversion. I've never heard of Multaq being used as a "pill in the pocket" type treatment.  The only recommended dose is 400 mg twice a day with food.  Also, Multaq is not for people with severe (class IV) heart failure or with mild to moderate (class II or III) heart failure who have recently had worsening symptoms that required hospitalization or special treatment.

I was not crazy about taking a drug that was so recently approved (July 09), but my doctors were confident that it was safe and had been used in trials for several years with very little potential downside.  So I cautiously jumped in.  

Multaq does not require hospitalization.  It is recommended that you have a follow up EKG within 2 weeks look for QT prolongation in rare cases - but should be checked.  I'm sure your doctor can advise you on all this.

So far it's worked very well for me.
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Cardioversion May 7th and the doctor wanted me on this for a few weeks before hand. New drugs give me the jitters.
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By the way this drug is expensive!! Cost me 100.00 with insurance.
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