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Multi pvc's .. salvo .. couples

Hi group! I am 28, male, non smoker and moderate drinker.

As my title states I recently purchased a 24 hour recording device for my ectopic events .. more for peace of mind than anything.

Its great, it works and I have caught all of them (mainly because I am symptomatic when I feel them, so even if the device doesn't automatically report them I manually write the time of the event down and go back to then on the recording software and see them).

Yesterday freaked me out a little to tell you the truth! I felt what I perceived as just 1 ectopic beat but when I looked back on the monitor It showed me I had 2 exact PVC's back to back and both looked absolutely identical! The same 'morphology' I believe the word is.

The usual things have been done for me in the past .. echocardiogram, holter overnight, treadmill test twice, and 100s of sporadic resting ecg's. All of these are unremarkable and only the occasional single PVC and or PAC were detected.

What could this mean for me? What I can recall is sometime back 3 or 4 years ago I did feel a string of ectopy which would make me feel like I needed to cough or bend down or something to get them to stop. These events happen once or twice a year and haven't happened for ages now and were never caught on any monitoring.
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All that negative testing and a lack of fainting indicates most likely nothing needs to be done.

If it’s not reproducible on all that monitoring chances are it would be problematic to ablate it.

As always only your doctor can say for sure though.
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