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Multiple Sustained SVT episodes

I am a 18 Year old male. I am not overweight and have been diagnosed with SVT.

I have been to two hospitals after having episodes. The first one started with palpitations and a very fast heart rate (150+) Which later peaked to about 184. They didn't give me any medicine or cardiovert me. It sustained a beat of 120+ for about 5 hours. My ekg was slightly abnormal but they didnt seem too worried. My echo came back normal.

Second episode was pretty much the same, palpitations and racing heart beat, which peaked at 175bpm. EKG showed ST segment abnormality, and T wave inversion in 3'rd inferior lead. The P waves look very large and PR interval was 104ms. They gave 6mg Adenosine in my IV and it had no effect on my heart at all. Then a 5mg dose of metoprolol brought me down to about 105bpm and made my EKG come back clean.

Does this sound serious? The Doctor seem'ed concerned the Adenosine didn't have any effect.
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I forgot to add my normal BP is about 110/60 and during my first episode reached 147/100. Second episode it was about 133/80
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Sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this. I had a similar experience with adenosine.

Have you been to a followup with a cardiologist yet? I suspect that they will want to run further testing to determine the cause of your SVT. You may be a candidate for an EP study (electrophysiology study) to pinpoint the area responsible for the SVT. Are you on any type of medication now?
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Yes, the cardiologist reffered me to a electrophysiologist. Im taking 12.5mg Metoprolol daily.
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I havent seen the EP yet, not till friday. But does the large p wave and t wave inversion sound bad?
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It's hard for me to really comment on the EKG without actually seeing it. I'm sure that when you see the EP in 2 days, he'll be better able to determine the seriousness of it.

Please keep us posted with results of your appt:)
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I will post the EKG as i have scanned it.. I will send you a link.
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