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Multiple arrhythmias - ablation?

I will try to keep this short, but I'm getting worried and depressed.  I'm 46 and have outlived a lot of my family, but am wondering if that is really meant to be.  My dad died at age 39, sister 43, brother 49, aunt 18, aunt 42, cousin 48, grandfather 47, other grandfather 52.  My mom just suddenly died from VF in April, my remaining sister who is 48 is in a nursing home in end stage renal failure, with diabetes, CHF, stroke, Hep C, and isn't expected to live much longer.

Ten months ago, my heart starts beating all weird and I'd get this strange head rush feeling when it would stop (I already knew I had MVP, but never symptoms like this).  I go to the Dr. who sends me to an arrthythmia specialist.  Many tests later and 3 different doses of Cardizem CD after each one quit working, I felt like a hypochondriac telling him that it was still happening.  Holter monitors didn't show much, ekgs were abnormal, stress test and echos were fine.  I almost blacked out driving when it was fluttering for 2 hours straight, my pupils were different sizes, left side of face went numb, etc.  Had a CT and MRI and shows white matter brain disease, but no stroke.  Then I wore an MCOT monitor for 2 weeks while still on the higher dose of Cardizem.  Before the 2 weeks were up, he called and said come in because they had seen enough.  I got a copy of the report that showed atrial fibrillation/flutter, SVT, PAC, PVC, PSVT, blocked PAC, sinus tachycardia, 2nd degree AVB type 1 Wenckebach, 1st degree AVB, sinus arrhythmia, etc., up to 21 different things in one day. Apparently my heart is ADHD and doesn't remember how to beat right!  

So they put me in the hospital for 3 days and start me on Rhythmol SR. Seems to work ok, but then the Cardizem makes my feet and ankles swell like elephant legs.  So they take me off that and put me on Toprol XL with the Rhythmol (plus I'm on Liptor for cholesterol, Cozaar for high blood pressure and Synthroid for hypothyroidism).  So I'm feeling pretty good the first 3 weeks, then it starts just a few seconds every other day, then every day, then longer, to last night doing it from 6pm to 9am this morning.  

I do not want to go back to this guy and tell him it isn't working again, he makes me feel like I'm crazy, but he is the top guy in this area.  I don't want more pills on top of the 6 prescriptions I already take, along with vitamins, asprin, fish oil, etc. I don't smoke, rarely drink, eat healthy, try to work out to lose the weight I've gained through all this, I don't eat salt, beef, pork...

I don't even know if they can do ablation when there is so many stupid arrhythmias going on all day long even when I was on Cardizem.  I'm really not happy that it is coming back again.  I want this to stop, I want to feel normal and just live my life.  I have no family left and I'm afraid to let them go in and mess around zapping everything in my heart because I am a single mother with 2 teenagers.  With all those different things, what wouldn't they have to electrocute?  I feel like I'm destined to die like everyone else and I should just quit trying to force my body to live.  I don't know what to do anymore, but I'm not supposed to go back for 6 months because when I saw him 3 weeks ago, I was feeling great.  I don't even have anyone to watch my kids and dogs if they have to do ablation.  How long are you in the hospital?  Why did this even start, since there is no known cause that correlates to it all?  How risky is this considering everyone in my family just seems to die before age 50?
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Sorry about all the loss you have endured.  Has your EP offered the option of an ablation?  Has a pacemaker been discussed due to your family history?  I would recommend calling your dr and letting him know the arrythmia's are breaking through the meds.  I would also request a monitor to keep at home to call in your episodes.  I have had an ablation for SVT and AFIB.  It was a very easy procedure, I was in the hospital 24 hours,  some dr don't keep you overnight.  The recovery was easy.  I was up and around back to my routine within 48 hours.    I would continue to pursue your dr, if you feel he is not listening you need to find one that you are comfortable with, you can;t get this under control if your afraid to discuss your symptoms with your dr.   Good Luck and let us know how things go
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