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My 15-year-old recently diagnosed with Ectopic Atrial Tachycardia

Since she was diagnosed so late in life, what is her outlook? She's on her second medication now...the Atenolol made her uncontrollably tired, moody, irritable, she was blacking out and getting numbness in hands and feet.  She's undergoing her 3rd (or maybe 4th -- losing track) holter monitor test today to check progress. I read that when diagnosed in infancy, they don't have to take meds all their lives.  How about a teenager? She's still having problems when exercising (or running w/her cheer squad)...real pounding heart, tight chest, tightness in throat and a "syrupy" sensation in her mouth.  She was cleared by her cardiologist to do cheer, but is this normal.  The meds did regulate her heartrate...which was 160 to 200 at rest before...and the new med doesn't make her as sleepy, but she still has problems.  Any input?
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Radio Frequency ablation has been very successful in curing AET (Atrial Ectopic Tachycardia), with success rates ranging from 75-100%.  Your doctor is probably looking to medications at this point, because pediatric/teen AET can resolve itself spontaneously and require no other medical interventions.  

Her outlook is good, though complicated.  Most teenagers get to go hang out with their buddies and spend zero time worrying about life and death.  However, with a tricky heart rhythm, your daughter must face realities that most teens are blissfully ignorant of.  

You should continue to see her cardiologist regularly and trust his/her advice.  You may want to ask about the possibility of pursuing a referral to an Electrophysiologist for an EP mapping.  An EP map is when they use a catheter to go into the heart and "find" the source of the ectopics and then they "burn" the faulty cells to cure the arhythmia.  It's relatively non-invasive (threaded up through a vein in the groin) and as I stated before the cure rate is high.  I am sure however that your doctor is using medication to manage the ectopics for now because of her age and otherwise healthy status.  It's best to start with the least invasive course of treatment and determine its effectiveness before moving to more drastic measures.

Good luck.
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