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My heart ECG Result 1100 Sinus Rhythm with 9130 borderline ECG,what should i do?

Dear Doctors,

I just came back with a borderline ECG which makes me worry since the doctor did not explain clearly what it means.
The results of the ECG are as follows:
Vent rate            75 bpm
PR int                184 ms
QRS dur            96ms
QT/QTc int         372/401 ms
P/QRS/T axis    43/21/44
RV5/SV1 amp   1.045/0.605 mV
RV5+SV1 amp  1.650 mV

1100 Sinus Rhythm
4068 Nonspecific Twave abnormality
9130 **  borderline ECG  **
Actually the ECG was done in a hurry manner like in less than 10 minutes time. I went to see the doctor because I have a light pain and extreme pain when i lay down to sleep on my left or right chest if I press on it. I do eat and sleep immediately, i do eat anything like fatty food, i do drink coffee 2 cups a day, green tea 2 cups a day, I'm 186cm tall and 85KG in weight. Recently i have a lot of hurtburn and have unbearable reflex comes along with the hear needle pain so sharp pain that make me unable to sleep at night...
Hope someone could help explain the results to me and also advise me should i redo the test with a heart disease specialist? Also, what is your advise based on this result, what to look after to identify if this heart rate is not acceptable?
Many thanks to you in advance.
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Always go with physicians interpretation not machine diagnosis.

I had one the other day that was actually pretty insane according to the machine but was in fact 100% normal
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