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My heart rate increased!

I'm am a male, 23 years old.My heart rate increased these two months.It is 84 beats per minute.

The only two things that change in my life is that I started working out(Intense body-weight exercises),without eating or drinking before and during the work out,and I'm somehow stressed because I may travel abroad after 2 months to complete my masters degree.
The problem is that I'm having  hard time to sleep at night. Almost every day,during these two month,it took for me 1 hour and sometimes 2 hours to fall asleep. Even during sleeping I don't feel that comfortable,not like before.Can be this related to the increased heart rate?
Should I eat a small meal before working out?Can this be the reason?
Thanks for any help!
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I can't see any relationship between your actions and symptoms... may be in fact emotional/stress related.  Are you worried and/or excited about study abroad?  That would be normal and could cause some increase in HR.
Your HR is not dangerously high for a otherwise healthy person.  If you limitation on eating is a successful effort to lose weight (and you need to), I'd not start eating to see if that helps sleep/HR.. my guess is it will not.

Wishing you great success, specifically in your future academic effort.
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What time of day are you working out?  Workouts will cause a rise in heart rate for a time afterwards because of the adrenaline output from the exertion.  If you are working out too close to bedtime that could be part of the problem as well a racing mind full of things to do and things to come can cause insomnia.  I would say try to make an effort to turn off your brain as you lay down to sleep.  I have a racing brain also and find humming a tune helps me to crowd out the thoughts that want to take over.  Now as I am getting older my hormones are natural aging is making it harder to get to sleep and fall to sleep and 5mg of melatonin helps get the sleep going.  In any event, best of luck with your masters.  Trust that you can do it and all will be fine.  And try to not fret over the heart rate.  It does fluctuate for all sorts of reasons and will go down again.  You are well within normal ranges.  Just remember to take slow deep breaths if you feel it starting to elevate.  And do your best to release the stress.  Take care and try to not worry.  Things will work out just fine.
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What time are you doing your workouts, in the morning or at night?  I think it helps to have had something to eat prior to working out but no matter what it is very important to stay hydrated so make sure you are drinking lots of water as you work out.  If you are working out at night that could be part of the sleep issue.  You output adrenaline when you workout which stays in your body for a few hours so it is not really advisable to workout right before bed. If you are working out in the morning then it is possible the insomnia is due to your life stresses.  Having a brain that is hard to turn off will keep you up.  I have this issue myself and find that when my brain is racing due to life obligations if I hum myself a tune it helps to tune out the mind chatter.  I have also started taking a small dose of melatonin to help me get to sleep because I can have trouble getting tired in the first place.  Well best of luck with your masters.  I am sure you will do great so just trust yourself and know that in the end things always wind up working out.  And try not to fret about the heart rate.  You are well within normal range so just work on your life stress and I am sure things will calm down with your heart.  Take care.  
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Ok strange.  When I first posted this it didn't seem to post accurately now both replies are there.  Very strange.  
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Thank you!
I believe,yes,the problem is my over-thinking about my life and future.Thanks for your concern,I appreciate it.
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I will follow your advice about the time I should workout and being hydrated.
I will try my best to reduce racing mind .I think,yes,it is the reason.
THANKS for your both replies,they were really informative and encouraging!
I really feel better now :)
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