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NSVT question?

I have spent many many hours on this site trying to ease my anxiety over PVCs/PACs. I see some people who say NSVT feels like a long pause, while I have read doctors on here who answered that it would feel like very rapid beats. I'm asking because sometimes I get nasty PVCs or PACs (not quite sure) and there seems to be a longer than usual pause at times. I'm hoping someone can help me because I am a wreck today. I have 3 children to care for and these things have taken away my quality of life. It's hard to enjoy anything while wondering if the next PVC is going to send me into a fatal arrhythmia.
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Have you ever been diagnosed with VT?  Pacs and Pvcs will rarely cause someone to fall into a fatal arrhythmia unless there is some sort of damage to the ventricles like scarring or dead heart muscle from a heart attack.  Even short runs of VT may not be the dangerous kind but rather a run of pvcs.  The VT really generally needs to be caught in a reentry circuit, be sustaining versus nonsustaining (nvst) for it to lead to cardiac death.  It doesn't happen that often and you generally will have time to reach a hospital.  Of course no one can guarantee you won't die from sudden cardiac death, any one of us can but if your heart has been evaluated to be structurally normal and you just have some annoying extra beats try to not let the situation steal your life.  Many people have these extra beats and go on to die from something totally unrelated.  They are very common so try to shift your focus to your family instead of your heart. Take care.  
No I have never been diagnosed with VT, let alone PVCs or PACs. I just had a check up in january and the doctor listened to my heart and said it sounded perfect. I've also had CT scans, Chest X ray and was having them while hooked up to a monitor while getting my epidural during labor last year and the nurses said nothing about them. I've read too much about these things on google and its terrifying! I'm only 24 years old and I want my life back. I lost my mom 2 years ago to cancer and she was really the only friend I had, my husband and family don't understand the fear I have over these things so I feel very alone. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I've read your replies on here many many times and they always put me to ease!
Thank you for saying that.  I haven't had as much time to spend on here lately but you are always welcome to send me a private message if you have any questions or just want to talk.  I know how scary issue with the heart can be.  We need our hearts as opposed to something being wrong with a foot or hand.  I'm sorry to hear you lost your mother at such a young age.  It sounds like you were close.  I know it isn't the same but I would still talk to her.   I believe our loved ones watch over us so just talk to her about your fears and maybe you will feel her around or have a nice dream.  No matter what though, I do feel it is important to address the anxiety because it can take over your life and become chronic.  Maybe ask your doctor for a referral to talk with a counselor for a couple of visits to address the fear.   You lost your mother and maybe fear the same thing will happen to you.  It's good to talk these kinds of things out.  But I am around if you ever want to talk privately.  Hugs.
Thank you so much <3 I will definitely take you up on that. I've had anxiety ever since my grandma passed 6 years ago. I was a week away from giving birth and had to give her CPR. It was very traumatic. So now I have severe cardiophobia. It's taken over my life completely. I always wonder if I'm going to wake up in the morning. It's a horrible way to live. When the palps get bad I pray to my mom to take them away from me. These things sure do feel awful.
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