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Near Syncope and Incomplete BBB

I'm an otherwise healthy 27 year old female:

For months now, I had moments when i became extremely lightheaded for no obvious reason. I've also had moments, sometimes in sync with the near or presyncope and sometimes not, when I've been short of breath without physical exertion.
Just went to the Doctor and she did an EKG and noticed an incomplete bundle branch block. She did not tell me right or left, however the abnormal "spike" that she showed me was upward(if that helps determine l or r).
Since I've only had near syncope and not syncope she was not too worried. She did some bloodwork. Results will be in next week.
From what I've read Incomplete BBB is usually nothing to worry about in a healthy individual. However, when associated with syncope or presyncope, it seems there should be further investigation. My doctor mentioned getting an Echocardiogram but didn't strongly urge it. Should I go get one regardless? Or should I wait and see what the bloodwork shows? Should I be more concerned about the IBBB since I have near syncope often? What other conditions might cause near syncope in a young healthy individual besides the IBBB? Are there other conditions that may contribute to the arise of IBBB besides heart disease and those heart issues normally found at a later age?
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I would think they would be quite concernced about the syncope, expecially since they found something on your EKG.  When I had my first cardiologist appt. they ordered several tests within the next 2 weeks all those tests were done and the results in.

syncope is serious regardless of it being related to a heart condition or not.

the last time I passed out, I broke my leg, the time before that I hit my head and had to get six stitches.

I would push for the echo or being referred to an electrophysiologist.
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I am sorry that you are going through this...I have been going through the near syncope for 12 years now and associate it with gastro issues.  I just went to see a cardiologist last week and although she doesn't think it has anything to do with my heart(more stomach issue) but she sent me for a stress test and Echo which am doing this week.  she also too blood work.  Have been going t see GI doctors for twelve years and they think it is a Cardiology issue or Neurology issue but none of these doctors think it is.  I just started a Gluten free diet and has seen some improvement...waiting to see a Celiac specialist in June...otherwise healthy 50 yr old female on no meds.

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You need a cardiologists work up with at lease cardiac echo and holter recorder (event recorder) . Don't wait.

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Don't wait. Go get tested. Let me fill you in on what happened to me right after New Years.  I am 56 years old and had two previous syncopal episodes, and the first one was ignored as a "who knows why".  The second episode I had a stress test, echo, ekg and wore a holter for 48 hours.  Nothing other than a RBBB. - not too worrisome.  Then, one day at work, I felt ill, threw up and felt dizzy, I sat down rather than pass out and called for help.  As I work in a hospital, the nurses on the floor came and took my blood pressure 114\75 (pretty normal for me) oxygen stats 98%and heart rate- which was - 30 - .  Of course straight off to ER I went and ended up with a pacemaker the following morning.  (BTW- I didn't want to go and argued with them!  LOL) But my HR remained bouncing between 27 and 45 most of the night- until around 9:30 - when it snapped back to a completely NORMAL rhythm and rate of 65-80. So, I am guessing that it happened the same the other times- i went back to a normal rhythm on my own and by the time I was seen by a doctor- i was back to normal.  THIS time, however, I was in the right place at the right time to catch the episode.  

So, if it happens again - GO TO THE ER~!  And, insist on more tests - after all, this time was ONLY a NEAR syncope episode!  If the staff at the hospital I worked at didn't assess me, I would probably just have shrugged it off and just told my doctor at my next visit.  Good luck.  
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did they find the cause of yours?

I've fainted and had arrhythmia's since age 9 but it took 2009 when I was 42 for a dr to take notice of my symptoms.  A dr overlooked my IRBBB and very frequent pvc's plus shortness of breath, bradycardia, fatigue etc  I also had a pacemaker/icd implanted due to malignant arrhythmia's but kept fainting until they set my HR at 60 =)

I was dx with NCS and OI after a tilt table test showed my heart actually stops when I faint...scary to think this might have been happening all my life and dr's just didn't care to test anything.  

Since August 2009 I have learned so much about neurocardiogenic syncope, orthostatic intolerance and autonomic dysfunction that it's scary to think I could have had this all the time.

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