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Need help understanding my new diagnosis: Second Degree AV Block (Mobitz Type l)

21 yr/o female, pregnant
Results from 14 day ECG:

Patient had a min HR of 35 bpm, max HR of 184 bpm, and avg HR of 98
bpm. Predominant underlying rhythm was Sinus Rhythm.
Second Degree AV Block-Mobitz I (Wenckebach) was present.
Isolated SVEs were rare (<1.0%),
SVE Couplets were rare (<1.0%),
and SVE Triplets were rare (<1.0%).
Isolated VEs were rare (<1.0%),
VE Couplets were rare (<1.0%),
and no VE Triplets were present.

I need to know what to expect when I go to a Cardiologist, assuming my OBGYN will refer me to one. I've read that Mobitz Type l is asymptomatic in most cases. However, I often feel like I can't breathe in multiple different ways, lightheaded/faint, chest tightness, feeling a weight on my chest, overwhelming anxiety sometimes with delusions of being dead or like someone is poisoning me, purple numb ice-cold hands & feet from poor circulation, swelling in lower extremities that sometimes worsens and swells immediately after standing up, confusion, memory loss, repeating the same question immediately after getting an answer, vision changes: halos, beams of light coming straight to my eye (somewhat like an astigmatism but not quite), personality change: (hearing & seeing things that may or may not actually be there), OCD, becomes very stressed being out in public, I can't feel my heart beat with my hand on my chest, and me and my boyfriend have both had trouble finding the pulse in my main neck artery sometimes, he once had to listen -way too long for comfort- for my heartbeat... with his ear on my chest.

My question is, does it sound like anything additional could be going on?
What symptoms should I go to the hospital over?
What can I do when I'm having an episode like this?
Could it potentially be Type ll rather than just Mobitz Type l?
What kind of treatments should I mentally prepare for?
What symptoms should I look out for, and what the symptom means is happening.
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I should note I have never had trouble find my pulse before, and I am certified in CPR, and First Aid. It should also be noted that I have freakishly abnormal changes going on with my skull. It feels like my sutures have somehow come apart, and I also have a dent in the back of my head that was not there a few months ago.
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