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Need informed feedback on my echocardiogram results?

I don't have a follow up scheduled with my PCP for a while and am a bit of a hypochondriac; when I was scheduled for an echo due to a slight aortic murmur, I was petrified. The technologist said that my results were normal but I was hoping for some input here to put my mind to ease, or not...

Left ventricle internal diameter end diastole: 51 mm
Left ventricle internal diameter end systole: 32 mm
Raw LV EF%: 61
Ejection fraction: 67%
Left ventricular mass: 167.8 g
Left ventricle indexed to BSA: 88.32 g/mL
Reltive wall thickness: .35
Body surface area: 1.9 m^2
Left ventircle E wave speed: 91.9 cm/s
Left ventricle A wave speed: 58.3 cm/s
Left ventricle Ea septal wave speed: 10.7 cm/s
Left ventircle Ea lateral wave speed: 19.2 cm/s
Echo E/Ea: 8.59
Aortic Sinus Diameter: 28mm
Tricuspid valve peak gradient: 24mmHg
Left atrium dimension ant-post: 37 mm
Tricuspid valve peak velocity: 2.44 m/s
Right ventricle peak systolic pressure: 27 mmHg
Right ventircle estimated PA pressure: 33.81 mmHg
Right atrium pressure estimated 3 mmHg
Right ventricle to right atrium pressure gradient: 24 mmHg
Ascending aorta diameter: 27 mm
Left ventricular posterior wall thickness: 9 mm
Interventricular septum thickness: 9mm
Aortic valve sinus index 1: 15mm
Ascending aorta diameter: 14 mm

I am a 5'10" female bmi ~23
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