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New heart arrhythmia

Was just  wondering if anyone suffers from what i from this type of arrhythmia. Been pretty good lately not feeling any funny rhythms now all of the sudden my heart seems to have developed a different arrthymia. It's almost like it hiccups. it beats ok then all the sudden there is a beat that feels like it's trying to kick into a higher speed.  I have pac's pvc's and svt i take verapamil, inderal and xanax for anxiety.  Now i did make the mistake of lately drinking coffee with caffiene in it, having like one cup a day.  I haven't had any caffiene today and now this hiccup beat is here. Just wondering if it could be from caffiene yesterday or the stress i have been under for the last few weeks.  It didn't do it while i was drinking caffiene and it didn't do it while i was under stress. Is it possible this kind of an aftermath thing?  
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I dont know the answer, but wanted to bump you back up there so someone will see this and possibly have some answers
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Caffeine and stress can definitely affect the heart.  Cut the caffeine out and see if that helps and when you start to feel stressed or feel the heart acting up stop and take some long deep breaths.  If your heart seems to settle down you likely are just falling into sinus tachycardia which is essentially stress related tachycardia.  But regardless you should also talk to your physician when any changes to your rhythm are detected.  They are the best ones to advise you on what may be going on.  Good luck.
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