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Omega 3

I know that omega 3 is really supposed to be good for the heart, but I get palps after I take them for 3 days, especially krill oil. I've read in this forum that others have also had adverse reactions to taking this supplement.  So I wanted to put this poll out to see how omega 3 affects you. The first time I suspected krill oil, which is supposed to be the best omega 3, I used the process of elimination. Still not believing it I did it a second and third time. Now I don't dare take it even after my ablation for SVT because I don't want the other arrythmias. I also figure that we in this forum who are trying to figure out the triggers for arrythmias can make each other aware when we come across something that causes an arrythmia, something we'd never thought about before. I found an article from USA Today that talks about fish oil and arrythmias. It is:
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On Omega-3 supplements, I notice a significant increase in PVCs as well as slight increase in general twitchiness or anxiety.  Yeah, it's a sample size of one and I'm the only observer, but that's the way it seems to me.  However, some scientists have observed problems in giving patients these supplements:


Similarly, In patients with bipolar disorder, fish oil supplements have generally been shown to be helpful in quieting their symptoms--except for a very, very small group in whom the stuff actually triggers mania.

It's another case of One Size Does Not Fit All--and another bit of evidence that tailoring treatment to the individual is a good idea.

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Thanks for your post and the article. I love finding articles that show some kind of support for my fish oil theory. I agree that one size certainly doesn't fit all. I've read posts where some people swear by fish oil for their hearts and some, though less, who have the very opposite effect. For those suffering from the dreaded arrythmias that interfere so much with life, I just thought this would give them something to consider while trying to figure out triggers.
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Happens to me too~!!! For  a while there I couldnt figure it out.. then.. i stopped taking the pills.. got the "golden standard" brand.. and it happened again.. then.. i just said whack it!! I will eat salmon.. fresh caught.. not farm raised... and about 3 weeks later.. wham..!! same thing.. flax oil does it too.. as well as coconut oil. wont be doing that again.
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Did you get a chance to read the articles. It targets people with defribillators who shouldn't take. If I read it right, it hints that people with any arrythmia should be careful with fish oil. Interesting!
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I experimented with fish oil for about 9 months and everytime I got back on the fish oil my heart started skipping. NO FISHOIL and lots of MAGNESIUM has been the answer for me.
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I looked on the site you recommended for over a half hour and could not find the article about fish oil and skips
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So im  not crazy after all.. I have told doctors and other people that fish and omega 3 bother my arrthymia. Noone believed me but I know what happens and it isnt pretty. I stay away from it. I did find an article once that said its good for the heart but people with arrythmias it can make them go into life threating ones.
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Yes.. i read the articles... and I was like..YES!! FINALLY!! Validation!!!!!!!!!!! lol  i not crazy!! lol
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At the end of the article it says, ""Drugs that affect rhythms are double-edged swords," he says. "The people they're most likely to hurt are the ones with the sickest hearts, with recurrent arrhythmias, the ones we had in our study."

In this article the study group was made up of people with defribillators and they found in 65% it caused more harm than good. When I read this article, all I could think of was if it affects that group of people with arrythmias, is it possible that it affects others in the same way?  I think further studies need to be made on other groups like those who have SVT or PVC's or any of the other arrythmia's that are out there.  
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This is such a relief to find others out there who have this problem. When I took it, I tried to blame everything before finally zeroing in on this. If people are having any kind of arrythmia and are taking this thinking it's good for them, they might possibly rethink the fish oil at least consider it when trying to find the triggers. MegaRed krill oil is the worst for me. I've never had arrythmias as bad as when I was on this.
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Interesting theory.  Coincidently, around 12 years ago when my arrythmia took a turn for the worse, I was on a health kick, had decided to clean up my health and diet, and started taking fish oil with Omega 3-6-9 and borage oil because I had heard it was heart healthy and would lower my cholesterol.  Never made the connection between the supplements and the worsening arrythmia.  I was on several other self-prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements as well.

Omega 3/fish oil are not the only supplements that cause problems with arrythmia.  I have heard that St. John's Wort can also cause heart problems in those with existing arrythmias.  

Nearly 5 years ago, when I was diagnosed with early-stage BC, my oncologist told me to stop taking all supplements immediately as they were doing more harm than good.  The shocker was learning that cancer feeds on high-antioxidant supplements, which is something I never knew.  The cranberry antioxidant capsules went into the trash immediately.  I know this is not related to heart issues, but wanted to mention this in case anyone else is taking high doses of antioxidants - best to get off them ASAP, especially if you have a history of cancer in your family.

Thank goodness I stopped taking the fish oil when I did - I shudder to think how much worse my SVT could have been had I continued taking it.
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I stopped the fish oil supplements as well.  I did a little experiment and noticed far more skips when I took it.  

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I take only 1 capsule a day, a supplement, not the recommended three capsules a day.  

I had concluded some time back, maybe a year or so, that Fish Oil lowered my resting HR.  I suffer from Permanent AFib and take BB and CCB to control my HR (lower it).  As I found no other benefit I decided to stop.  Then, on Sunday Fox News, the old timer Cardiologist that is on in the morning show gave Fish Oil the strongest of recommendations... don't recall any discussion of defibrillators.  That's when I started taking just a supplement level, one capsule a day.  

I am not sure it does any good or harm, but I am taking the TV doctor's advice and my cardiologist knows what I take and is mostly silent - it is up to me.

We try to eat fish a couple of times a week too.  
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I'm glad it's working for you. My husband swears by it for overall feeling good.

In all of my research, there is tons of evidence that it is good for the heart so that is why I was so confused as to why it seemed to effect me so negatively, even at one a day. There are  great articles out there about how good it is for afib patiends. But, there is also growing evidence from studies that for people who have arrythmias, especially those with ICD's, it makes the arrythmias worse. In some studies, they compared it to taking anitarrythmic meds. Some people can't take certain antiarrythmia meds because it makes the arrythmias worse. They're finding it is the same for fish oil.

I actually took generic fish oil for a few years, and I can't say one way or the other that it affected my heart. Then I started taking krill fish oil and my arrythmias became much worse. I didn't know it was that at the time, so I stopped taking everything and used the process of elimination to figure out that it was the fish oil.

I just think there needs to be a lot more research on this.
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I've heard the same thing about antioxidants and cancer. A lady we know who had cancer was told the same thing by her oncologist. The funny thing was, she and her husband were the caretakers for a ranch that belongs to a multimillionaire who owns a vitamin company; Melaleluca. Those are the vitamins she took, of course. Sadly, she passed a way a few months ago.

Fish oil looks pretty suspicious to many people with arrythmias. If this is really the case, as it appears, hopefully more studies can be done so that group of people can be warned that it can be a side effect. I know it does a lot of good for most people, but there is a small population of us who suffer because of it.
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I doubt that if we had 20,000 people state that fish oil makes skips worse that the medical profession would move on it. Anyone that has read any of my threads know how i feel about doctors, By the way I have not been that way all my life buy after years and years of no help from their profession I've figured out most of my help on my own, and that is not how it should be
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what happened to the poll, I thought this was one of the best things that has been done on this site, I just hope that none of the fish oil companies are advertising on this site or it'll get nixed
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I hear you about the doctors. They do wonderful things and I'm glad we have them actually appreciate what they do. But, for things that are out of the ordinary I've found they struggle with coming up with the correct diagnosis. My husband says the are practicing physicians because they really are practicing...on us.

From your view is the poll gone? I can see it from mine. I was excited for the response it was getting.
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I see it, it's overwhelming....is there anyway I can erase a post once it's been posted?
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Lol! I wish a post could be removed, or things could be edited. Oh well! Lol!
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I think now days ...... It's also very humbling when a patient educates the doctor .  Sometimes you get a doctor that is nice about and willing to check it out.....and sometimes you get one that thinks he or she is God....and how dare we patients attempt to talk about ourselves and reactions . Ugh. We aren't robots , neither are doctors... But some need to take a step back and realize we aren't stupid .
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Isn't that the truth!  And, they don't appreciate it one bit. They especially hate it when we say we've done a lot a research on the internet trying to educate ourselves.  I was just thinking about that last night and trying to add up allllllll of the hours I've spent on the internet trying to find absolutely reliable sources to help answer questions I have about things.  Thankfully, there are some who are open minded and listen and are so willing to help but they are few and far between.   Seeing a doctor should be a problems solving conference between patient and doctor.
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My cardiologist gave me a prescription for fish oil. Made my AFib much worse.
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Since we are talking about triggers, vitamin E is another so called good for you heart that causes me to more skips
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