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On Metoprolol For Tachycardia, Can I Have Coffee Again?

Hi so I've been having tachycardia off and on for a few years. Sometimes I notice it more than others. I also have anxiety disorder. So I always enjoyed my morning coffee, but would limit myself to 1-3 cups. And never after noon. I LOVE my coffee. At times it would seem that I'd get fast heart rates that would be worse with activity or when standing up. I have a structurally normal heart. I've had every test in the book pretty much. I also have pvcs. The cardiologist I saw recently took me off Propranolol which never helped my fast pulse much..he put me on 25mg Metoprolol twice a day. I do notice a difference on it. Overall heart rate is slower and although I've had a couple more incidents of fast heart rate for no apparent reason, the number of incidents has greatly improved. So heres my question. Now that I'm on a higher dose beta blocker, & a better one (Metoprolol) can I start having a bit of morning coffee again? I really miss it.

I don't want to have the fast pulses again but will the Metoprolol allow me to enjoy morning coffee again? Thanks
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In my limited experience, it depends on what is causing your tachycardia, and what your tachycardia is. Morning coffee might just speed  your heart rate, or it could leave you more likely to experience tachycardia, or exacerbate your anxiety troubles.

What is it about your coffee that your Love, I wonder?  If it is taste, and a little zing, you could always try decaf, or maybe mix 1/2 decaf with 1/2 regular, and limit your intake.

Personally, I have some trouble with palpitations, but so far nothing extremely serious, and have been pretty well checked out at this point. So I am able to have coffee in moderation. If things get bad, i.e mostly just an annoyance factor, I cut back. Everybody is different though.  Ask your doctor what they think is ok...

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I've gone back to my morning coffee. I can do without a lot of things but not coffee! I'm just going to pace myself more with it now and not drink as much close together. So far so good. Being on the Metoprolol twice a day I'm sure is helping too..In the past I'd brew a pot every morning and drink about 2-4 cups fairly close together. I think I just overloaded on it. Now, I'm going to brew half a pot and drink a couple of cups spaced out, and that seems to cause me no problems. Guess the key is moderation. And I'm still not drinking caffeinated soda that stuff is just bad for us anyway. So far spacing my cups of coffee farther apart and taking the Metoprolol seems to be working well for me.
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