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On Nadolol and had an NSVT run


I am a 33 years old female. Otherwise, healthy with no family history or sudden death or fainting. I was put in Nadolol only take 10mg for now for my prolonged QTc on some of my ecg till I see An EP at Mayo. Also waiting to do genetic testing.

I was heading out yesterday and started to feel a bit lightheaded and I sat down. Then heat started in my head and chest. I checked my pulse for about 3 seconds and there was no beat. I started to freak out and then I felt it. But I really though I was going to die.

Is it normal to have NSVT runs in Nadolol. If so am I “protected” from VT and other deadly arrhythmias?  I am so scared to take the BB now hoping it won’t happen again.
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