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On and off Heart Palpitations

I have had hear palpitations off/on for about 10 years. Recently gotten worse. I was taking  synthyroid for hypo thyroid but that was discontinued abruptly because I ended up having severe hyperthyroid after about 5/6 months. My heart rate was 120-130 at rest! And went up to 140-160 just walking to the bathroom. Since I have been off they synthyroud that has settled down. But I have noticed my heart will be normal 70-80 or so and then drop down to 50-60 and then speed up to 150-180 for a few beats according to my Apple heart rate monitor. I don’t know if that is just a PVC or what. Does anyone have any experience similar? My dr doesn’t seem concerned. I am seeing an endocrinologist next month but am waiting for a non urgent referal to a cardiologist...
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Your heart rate/rhythm can be further evaluated with EKG +/- Holter monitor.
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