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PACs, PVCs, Tachycardia - possibly how to cure them

Most of you know me, I've been suffering from ectopic beats and sinus tachycardia for a couple of years now.

In my struggles to reduce the PACs and sinus tachycardia (PVCs have never been much of an issue in my case, even though some of my PACs feels like PVCs), it seems I have ignored how much of importance both stress, proper nutrition and exercise are.

First thing first, the stress. It's a bit strange, really. I've discovered that you don't necessarily have to feel stressed to be stressed. I had one week vacation now. And I didn't feel a single PAC. Not even before sleep, when they usually appear in large numbers. It seems, if you remove the underlying stress factor, they seem to go away, at least after some time.

Second, I know the last monts, my diet haven't been the best, with too many meals at McDonalds and unfortunately some chocolate now and then. It has caused some tachycardia events, and they tend to appear 30 minutes to one hour after eating. Some time ago, I stopped eating sugar and easy digestable carbs (like white bread) and the tachycardia events were gone. My heart rate got more stable, with less fluctuations. It seems the explaination is, when you eat sugar and white bread, your blood sugar levels increase, and the body responds by producing great amounts of insuline, which, again, makes the blood sugar levels drop. This is considered "dangerous" by the body, which responds by releasing adrenaline to increase blood sugar. And you get tachycardia.

Dark bread, carrots, white meat and fish is excellent. Trust me.

And make sure you get enough exercise. No need to go to the gym 5 times a week, it's obviously enough to go for a walk 30 minutes to 1 hour 3-5 times a week. Try to climb some hills, and/or jog a 2-300 meters now and then. It's a great stress remover.

I suggest that everyone who suffer from PACs/PVCs and other "light" arrhythmias give this some thought. It may actually work!

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Good to read you are able to drop stress while on vacation... I don't think I had that ability, I'm retired now, so on "vacation" full time, more time to make doctor appointments :(

Our more progressive types in political offices are doing their best to prescribe diets for Americans, with the state of California leading the way.  They are trying (or did they already succeed, forget, I don't live in that state) to make a McDonald Happy Meal illegal.  They are also trying to make carrots or the like the standard side order for a "happy meal" (same rules would apply to other fast food chains) with "French Fries" being a special order.  That noted, the USA attempt to establish government control over medical care has resulted in the Federal Government giving McDonalds a waver (I think time limit) from the latest requirement on employers.... Go figure.

Keep healthy, you will live a lot longer I'm sure, but happier?  Not sure.
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Hi, it was great to read your post.
To be honest, ive had quite a downhill experience with PVC's for 2 years now. I woke up one day, a night after drinking heavily, and felt my first PVC...then another...and then another...and then the next thing I knew i was having up tp 10000 PVC's a day, and still am.

I switched my life style around majorly at that moment.

Quit smoking, drinking, fast foods, up'td my workout routine, tried diffferent heart meds, natural meds, went on a stress free vacation numerous times, went from a Police Officer to working self employed from home, you name it! I did it! And I guess the big question still looms in the air...why do I still have these PVC's?

I went from a dozen ER visits, numerous holters, echo's, ekg's, tilt, ect..ect...to 3 different Cardiologists who all in the end thought I was half crazy, too nothing in this world that they could do to help! Well I can't just lay here, symptomatic like you would never beleive, and just let these things rule my life! So i was finally given a shot at one of the best EP's (from what people have said) in my city (Edmonton, Canada)...and was given not 1, but 2 ablations, which both were failures (and mixed complications after also..).
So have I let my life slide back to where it started from?, no....but I'm extremely upset, frustrated and angry that I feel like I gave up my entire life, dreams and ambition to overcome or at least reduce these PVC's and have failed misserably. I'm stuck in a hole and I'm not sure how to get out! At points in this journey I have had happy times, sometimes so happy that I have had 5 minutes without a PVC....ooooohh what It would feel to have 20 seconds without one. Ive beaten myself down so much that I feel despressed, my anxiety levels have raised, and I question a question that I would never ever have questioned before...if you get what I mean. I love my kids, my family more than anything, but what good am i if all I do is get beat up daily with these PVC's. I know that there are many people battling many hard obstacles in their life, and maybe I just need a little inspiration to keep going.

I guess when your just fed up, been to the internet,doctors,specialists, to one side of the earth and came back to the same exact spot years later you start to question everything that just happened. What happened??? What will happen??? How can i get a grip on these PVC's??? ANY ADVICE, ANY JOURNEY"S YOU CAN SHARE, ANYTHING!! PLZ DO!!! .....in the end, How can I become the man I need to be and somewhere inside...am???
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Hi, read your post, thanks for reply and note :)

First, I assume you have ruled out structural heart disease during all the tests you have done.

Second: While PACs as far as I know almost always are triggered by excess adrenaline or stimulants, PVCs, as I understand, can sometimes be caused by something else. You don't say anything about where they origin, multiple spots or just one, which is info you easily can get from your cardiologist(s). Don't misunderstand, they can also easily be triggered by adrenaline, of course, and it can be a likely explaination.

When do your PVCs worsen? During rest (low heart rate) or during activity (high heart rate)?

To me, it seems your heart is very irritated from your anxiety and stress, and I really doubt that heavy drinking (the one day) caused any structural heart changes. It may seem you got one, got aware of it, and got more, and so on. Trust me when I'm saying: There are no more significant trigger for PACs and PVCs than worrying about them.

I think you need to learn methods to ignore your PVCs. Only by losing attention on them, you will make them go away more or less. And the process will be long. They will increase and decrease.

Are you on medications like beta blockers? If not, you can ask your doctor for a small dosage just to try. Anxiety meds can also be worth a try, but you need to ask a doctor these questions.

Try to think like this:

1. Have the PVCs caused me any harm except feeling annoying?
2. If they haven't - is it likely they will?

They will not. All they do is to be annoying. And I think they are more frequent and more annoying because you focus on them so much.

Even people with A-fib learn to live with it, after a couple of years. I think, with time, you will lose attention to them and they will reduce. But I think you could use some help in the process.

Good luck!

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I echo what is_something_wrong says, I've experienced this both personally and through feedback in life and on the boards.

Kane, I've hit bottom with the PVCs myself.  I know how you feel.  See my profile pic?  That's me and my son, and this was during one of my worst episodes of PVCs back in 2009.  Looking at the pic would you ever know it?

My doctor's pat answer was always there's not much that can be done for benign PVCs.  I totally get that.  I understand it well.  Then one day I had a talk with my doc that wasn't "clinical".  I explained to him how these made me feel inside and how it was affecting my life.  Wow, his reaction was immedaite and more urgent thant the PVCs!  We addressed that as a seperate issue.  It was a personal journey for sure.    The PVCs still come and go.  One thing I firmly beleive is that sadness/depression will make them worse.  There's no doubt in my mind, and I've read study after study that supports it.  It's a feedback loop.  You can stop feedback loops though, just takes some a good strategy and you have to be persistent.    Talk to your doctor.
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Every few years, I suddenly have bouts of close to 5000 unifocal PVCs per day, and they are always accompanied by panic attacks.  To tell the truth, I cannot be sure which is the chicken and which the egg here, but the end result is the same.  My panic and anxiety grow worse at the same time I become more and more aware of the ectopic beats, which in their turn become more frequent.

So, I fool around for a couple of months, trying to will myself out of this state, and then finally take the prescription I was given years ago for just this situation.  It's Zoloft, the SSRI my shrink and I have found to work the best for me.

Within a week, the panic begins to quiet down, and by three weeks--get this!--the sound of the pvcs, and my awareness of them, fades.  And as that happens--who could have guessed--the actual frequency of the ectopic beats diminishes to virtually nothing.  On the advice of my shrink, I stay on the Zoloft for a number of months.  He likens it to giving a hyperactive car alarm a chance to cool off and get re-set.

If you're like many of us, including me, the thought of needing psych meds is distasteful.  But I can assure you that there are situations with PVCs when this kind of medication is a blessing and it gives you your life back.
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Thanks for the reply, and everyone else who had a share in the forum. I know I didnt explain much about my PVC's in the first article, but from what I know they are Unifocal PVC's that origin from my RV...as for when they are triggered, there constantly going, so rest or none...low HR, high HR...there here all the time. The awareness of them is obviously there, but Ive tried multiple exercises just trying to not think of them and it never seems to work. The closest thing I get to freedom is when I work out, there not as easily to notice then..but I cant work out 24/7...lol.As medication, The first doc I seen thought I was crazy so he started me on Paxil, Clonazepam....which Im still on...I guess It helps with the anxiety a bit..Ive tried to ween myself off of them before but I get these insane Zap feelings, and insomnia added on my insomnia already. Ive tried multiple beta blockers, and all..even at low doses almost drop me to the floor. They seem to affect my blood pressure, which seems to be normal without them. Well I hope I can keep a straight mind today, and try to keep focus on the fact I will be ok. And I see that you (is something wrong) suffer from PAC's alot? I have never felt a PAC before, but feel like Ive been getting some possibly. It feels like a little flutter, from a different part of the heart...any ideas what this could be? Thanks
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