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PACs and PVCs

Im a Monitor technician and one of my colleagues here says that there is a thing as a skiped PAC. Is it possible/
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A skipped PAC almost sounds more like a type of heart block, like an SA block, a non-conducted P wave. It will show as a flat line area on the monitor.
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I think a PAC is a premature atrial contraction A electrical signal in the upper chambers not coming from the sinus node they may come as single or groups. A PAC is the most common form of a skipped heart beat.
A PVC is a premature ventricular contraction where a electrical signal starts in the ventricle and may come in single or in groups.
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Wow was that an interesting question skullfire....almost like a trick question i think.  If you are having premature atrial contractions its almost like what came first the chicken or the egg....my personal feeling is that it would be possible if combined with a fib and it is slipping in between the episodes....thats my best guess...are you and your colleague sitting in a "rig" right now?  I personally think the best person that really is into the total mechanics of the heart to answer this one is Itood....are you reading this Itdood?  
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