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PACs and recent Echo

Hi.  I have a long history of occassional palpitations (PACs), which have become more frequent and occur most days in recent months, also with occasional episodes of atrial fibrillation.  My EKG is normal.  My recent annual echo shows, for the first time, a finding of mild to moderate anteroseptal and mild mid-anterior hypokinesis. EF is 72%, other measures are within normal, except mild LAE (4.1 cm) and mild MR, TR, PR regurgitation. I'm scheduled for a thallium stress test next week to evaluate the hypokinesis. Should I be concerned about the new hypokinesis findng? And, can it have anything to do with the increase in PACs?

Thanks in advance.
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An enlarged atrium may be the cause of your atrial fibrillation, but LAE may also develop or be worsened by atrial fibrillation, so the cause-and-effect isn't always clear. PACs may also increase due to atrial enlargement.

The hypokinesis has probably nothing to do with your PACs. Different parts of the heart. Your overall EF is good though, so it seems like your pumping function is maintained.

With an enlarged left atrium, you can't rule out that your PACs are actually causing the atrial fibrillation. When a chamber is enlarged or dilated, a consequence may be electrical instability which often is causing A-fib.

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Getting an annual echo (cardiogram?) seems very usual.   Is there more history here?

Are you taking anything to mitigate clot formation from the AFib?  A simple aspirin may be all that is needed, but I think some action is in order.  Discuss with your doctor if you are not already on some clot prevention program.

Sorry I can't address you question, other than the only use I know for a nuclear stress test is to check for blood flow to the heart muscles.  Not sure if that relates to you echo question.
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