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PACs while rest

I'm 30 yr old male with no comorbidities, social drinker and occasional smoker. I started experiencing missed beats since a week. Underwent electrocardiogram and it shows premature atrial contractions. Echocardiogram is absolutely fine, showing some ectopic contractions. My resting heart rate is around 70 and I'm facing 7-8 PACs per minute. Ironically they are disappearing with a bit of exercise where my heart rate raises above 100. As per my cardiologist I need not worry about them, but having palpitations continuously is very awful experience, feels like impending doom. I started to abstain from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. I'm really worried that being otherwise healthy and at an young age of 30, I'm having this s**t. Can I ever get back to normal healthy rhythm? Please someone help.
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