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Hi community of medhelp. I hope your all well.

I am constantly worrying as to why fabrice muamba may have had a cardiac arrest in 2012. I myself am considered an athlete, i train 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. Ive had chest pain before, not on exertion, just in general. I have ectopic beats, without exercise, and sometimes with exercise. Ive had a 24 and 48hr holter monitor, approx 25 ecg's since 2011, a stress test lasting 12 minutes, and an echocardiogram in late 2014. I have nothing exciting except pac/pvcs upto around 20 a day if that! No mitral valve prolapse or anything.

Now back on to muamba, if im right, neither did he have any known conditions. Some say hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, some say long qt, and some say perhaps drug induced arrythmia.

Does anyone know for definate or have the knowledge to share why they think it wasnt one or the other of these conditions?

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I apologise if I misunderstood the general basis of what medhelp was for.

I thought perhaps there are some guys out there on here similar to me who have had many tests done and recieved the all clear, but still have concerns, given the example of fabrice.

however I do believe there is quite a difference between MI and this situation. Lots of us on here are interested in heart Rythm disorders, lethal or non lethal, and the fact the heart can stop to only a handful of reasons in young athlete makes me wonder how it was missed on F.A screenings.

Thanks for your response
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Hi. I dont think people on this forum would be in the speculation game. I mean how would any of us here know for definite how the MI happened??
We dont know what conditions he has or had, we dont know if its drug related, you see most of the people on here are people who have a personal interest or a close family member, has a heart rhythm issue. Thats the idea of this, sharing experiences, not speculating on things. . . .
Back to you , your test results all seem good, so thats good news for you thank god
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