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PSVT Ablation

I am in the United States Marine Corps and found out that I had PSVT after not being able to complete a PFT that use to be fairly easy to me.  Since I first had symptoms in 2002 every year has been worse, I have been in going on 12 years now in February. I had an ablation in April of this year(2011) and want to know how long does it take to get back to where I was as far as cardio (running), or will I never get back to it at all.  I use to be able to run 3 miles in 20 minutes flat and now I can barely do it in 29 to pass and stay within standards.  I would love to stay in but I dont want to waste time trying to do what my body will not let me.
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I feel like im in shape but when wearing a montior I noticed standing in the sun my heart rate went up to 100 bpm for a few min and then went down to around 80 for a few.  I don't feel it like I use to but I think its still there.
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I had ablation for PSVT and resumed training for a marathon @ +2 weeks and completed the marathon @ +16 weeks (ish).

I did notice that it took 4 weeks to get into any kind of "shape." It took a solid 8 weeks for me to get over the "blips and flips" that are common after the procedure.

Regarding speed - post ablation, I became more confident in my training and worked on, thereby increasing speed pretty significantly.

If the SVT is controlled, then the ablation should have been successful and not changed any of your normal rhythm that was controlling you during aerobic exercise. Are you done w/ SVT episodes? Do you wear a heart rate monitor? Can you acheive the same (controlled) HR post ablation?

***** man... 'cos it's supposed to be a fix.
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