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PSVT and Pregnancy

I have been diagnosed with PSVT, which occurs between 2-3 times a year.  However, I get flutters 3-4 times a day. I will be 28 in July, blood tests come out normal, height is 5'10, 140 lbs. I was on a beta blocker to control palpiations, but weaned off of them in March. I'm nervous about how my heart will handle pregnancy and labor with this diagnosis.  My cadiologist says that there's nothing to worry about, but I thought I'd ask here to see how others handled it.  Any experiences would be appreciated.  Thanks so much!

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I have a friend who experiences bouts of SVT throughout her pregnancies.  Your cardiologist is correct in saying there's nothing to worry about, but he isn't saying that you won't experience them!  If you're susceptible to them already, I'd think you be at a greater risk while pregnant, carrying that mass around which pushes up on the diaphragm causing sudden internal pressure changes. Labor does the same thing.  If it's any consolation for you, I found beta blockers did little for me to prevent SVT.  I hope everything goes well for you!
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No, he told me that they would most likely increase when I was pregnant.  Something to look forward too....  haha
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I too was diagnosed with svt, but in my 20s I only rarely had lengthy episodes, much like you.  However, when I was pregnant the svt episodes became much, much more frequent and lasted longer.  My doctor was never concerned, but as the person going through it I can tell you it was very disconcerting!  I had an ablation last year, as the problem became worse as I got older and the ablation was a complete success.  This is just my personal opinion and I can only speak for myself, but you asked for personal experiences so..... I wish I had had ablation before ever going through my pregnancies.  It would have made the pregnancies so much less stressful and worriesome, always wondering when my heart was going to act up and would I be able to convert it on my own, which did seem harder when I was pregnant.  So not sure that's what you wanted to hear, but that's my personal experience and opinion!  I wish you the best of luck with pregnancy
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Hi! I had experienced PSVT when I had pregnant in 2007. It was my first attack , an terrible experiences. My heart rate was about 200-230 beats per minute when i was pregnant in 31 week. Doctor ordered ATP drug for two doses to stop the rapid heart beat. The feeling likes heart burned and the heart is loaded by few kilogram of stones. After the injection of drug, my baby was born in two day later. So, my baby was delivered early than normally. That is my own experiences, I hope you can overcome any problem during pregnancy!
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I've had various arrhythmias all my life including PSVT. My tachy times were pretty frequent, several times a week and lasting as long as 45 minutes. I went through 3 successful pregnancies and delivered all 3 with no problems. Yes, the hormonal shifts may increase the frequency of PSVT but I didn't notice any trouble with it during labor and delivery. I was probably a bit distracted. LOL

I've had 3 ablations since my kids became adults and am doing pretty good now. I don't think ablations were all that well known back in the stone age.  :-)
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It's encouraging to hear your experience. After my first pregnancy they got worse and I had 2 ablations. This did not totally correct the problem although it is less severe. Doctor told me it was safe to get pregnant again, but it's hard to feel safe. I've had some episodes in the first trimester(probably made worse from nausea and anxiety) and my doctor gave me an event monitor.  He says he's not worried, but I guess they always want to be sure what they're dealing with.   I think I could deal with it better if I just didn't let it get to me. My problem is that I allow them to cause me fear. That really is the worst part. In truth, it's probably no more damaging than other pregnancy symptoms like nausea and heartburn.
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