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PSVT atrial fibrillation

I am a 65 yr old woman.  I had PSVT my entire life (beginning at age 9) and finally, about 8 years ago had an ablation done which was fully successful.  But now -last week - I find that I have been diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.  And I have bouts with PVCs - which I have had for many many years.  I was already taking 40 mg Benicar for my blood pressure along with Triamterene.  And now last week Metopolol at 50 mg has been added along with 325 aspirin.  My pulse rate is dropping into the mid 40s and sometimes below 40 .  I also have a hereditary form of peripheral neuropthy and I think the Metoprolol is causing me some stepped up pain.  I have thought that I should go back to see my electrophysiologist.  Is my pulse rate too low?  Does this drug cocktail seem appropriate?   Would I be well advised to go back to the electrophysiologists?     Can Metopolol cause a problem with neuropathy?
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All are important questions--especially important and complex that they  need to be addressed by your cardiologist.  From the perspective of a 65 year old male who has benefitted from a successful a fib ablation, I would suggest going back to the electrophysiologist for a consult is certainly in order.  
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