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well, I am 23 and I we are trying to have a baby.  I was diagnosed w/ PSVT about 4 years ago and at first I had attacks 3-4 months apart and now it has been almost a year (I keep my fingers crossed!!).  I have heard many things about how this is dangerous while being pregnant.  My HR gets to be about 260 during every attack and I have to go to the emergency room and they put Adenosine <--sp? in my IV which stops it right away.  My question is , am I or my baby going to be at extreme risk?  What might I expect?  And is it okay to be on a beta blocker while pregnant?  Thank you for your time and help
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I was on a beta blocker through two children.  They say there is a small risk.  The fetus could be smaller but for the most part not a huge risk.  I took 40 mgs of nadolol twice a day the whole time and I was fine.  I tried to cut it in half but I was risking having attacks which could also cause me to pass out which was pretty dangerous towards the end.  Who knows where and when I would feel like passing out.  Anyway.....I was fine!!!!

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I'm 21 weeks pregnant,and taking atenolol 25mg for PAF and PSVT.  The pregnancy will increase your blood volume, and put an additional stress on your heart, but a couple of posters here who have had it while they were pregnant, have reported that it went completely away during their pregnancy.   Mine however was diagnosed during this pregnancy.  The atenolol seems to be keeping it under control so far.  My doctors have told me there is a slight risk of having a smaller baby, but they will monitor me closely in the 3rd trimester. I'm on a pretty small dose as well.  
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Hi and congrats!  I have PSVT also, and my pregnancies pretty much just increased the single ectopics, not the actual PSVT.  I did have a couple of episodes, but I might have had them anyhow.  I converted on my own within seconds.  Beta blockers can be taken during pregnancy, certain ones are safer than others (Coreg is NOT a good choice during pregnancy, Metoprolol seems to be prescribed to those who are pregnant).  Best wishes to you!
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