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PVC, exercise, rush of adrenaline

Iam from portugal and i am suffering from PVC's.
I am 30 years old no family history of arrithmias. I have done a lot o holter's, Tread mill, echocardiogram, CT coronary angiography and heart MRI. I got that my heart is perfectly normal but in the holter i got 1 PVC. I know this is ridiculous low number, but sometimes i get them one followed by another and imediately i get a rush of adrenaline.
Anytime i get estimulated by something (exercise, soccer games, sex, etc) the PVC's appear...
When i get only one i can ignore it, but two pvc's in 2 or 3 seconds it's very scary.
Who has also pvc's on exercise or during any activity that estimulates you?
How did you deal with that??
thank you.

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