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PVC, then racing heart


I have a quick question to ask regarding palpitations and how they feel for you. A little backstory: I have been weaning off Lexapro for about 4 months now, and was able to completely stop the medication for about 10 days before having to get back on due to withdrawal symptoms (severe dizziness, anxiety, poor concentration). I reinstated 1mg first, and up-dosed to 2.5, then 3, then 4mg where I'm at today. At 2.5mg I began to have cardiac symptoms, which consisted of mainly palpitations and a racing heart. I have had palpitations for years, and have seen a cardiologist which cleared me. We did an echo, numerous ECG, blood work, event monitor, holter monitor and nothing was shown.

On the drug, I had very few cardiac symptoms (took for about 3 years), but one of the reasons why I got on the drug was to alleviate these symptoms which I had before and now afterward.

My question though is pertaining to what I'm experiencing now, which is pretty distressing to me. I've had two episodes so far where after I do moderate exercise, even for just 10 minutes, I will sit down experience one PVC or palpitation, then my heart will begin to race and probably peaks at 150-170 bpm. I feel very anxious during this time, breathing fast, dizziness, etc. I return to normal after maybe 1:30-2 minutes.

So, I'm naturally scared I'm in VTach or something major, but I'm wondering does this sound like I'm just overly hyped when I'm cooling down and getting a surge of adrenaline? I can feel a regular rhythm, but it is pounding and very fast.

Any insight appreciated.
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I'm no doctor, so take this for what it's worth.  I've used to get powerful PVC's.  Now they occur "softer", I'm not sure why.  Anyway the PVC's would freak me out and the resulting panic would set me heart racing.  Now I have more or less learned to live with them and the panic is gone.
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