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I went to the family  Dr. today to see what he had to ay about my PVC. He said everything was fine not to worry and keep busy. My cardiologist told me the same thing with out seeing me. The family Dr. wants me ot take xanax he thinks I'm to strees out and hight anxiety

Does any one take that for PVC?
What natural things like fish oil can help. I had a friend who took  it and said it made her heart race.
Any one have any ideas. thanks I need help.
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I take xanax as needed for when my PVCs/PACs get really bad.  I'm not sure they make them happen less often, but it does make me not worry about them so much.  You are lucky that your dr. understands the anxiety part.  My old family doctor understood, and had no problem prescribing xanax for me, but my new family doctor won't prescribe them.  As for fish oil - I know a lot of people say it helps with PVCs, but for me - it only made them occur more often.
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I take Xanax for mine, I take a big dose 6 to 8 mgs daily. I think that is the only way I can survive sometimes. I like tomah took fish oil for my cholesterol and that made my PVC's and PAC's worse.I guess it just depends on the individual. Watch your caffeine intake and your meals. If I overload at meal time I pay for it. I have to eat small portions to keep from getting them so bad that I think that they are never going to quit.I also take a beta blocker which is suppose to help out but I have thousands a day. I wish I didn't have to take anything and could learn to live with them. Try to keep busy so your mind isn't occupied with your heart beats. I am learning. Good luck and hope that you have a happy new year.
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I take xanax but not for the PACs. I was prescribed i for the anxiety i get from the PACs. My cardiologist gave me metoprolol for the PACs. The xanax doesnt do anything to help the PACs. To be honest, the metoprolol I take doesnt seem to be working for me either because i still get the same amout od skippd beats as i did before. KAREN.... I feel your pain, I dont know if i could ignore or try to live with the PACs. the beta blocker doesnt seem to be doing anything, the xanax dosnt do anything but make me a little tired. one thing you should watch out for is wat you take with a beta blocker. If you go to www.epocrates.com and sign up for free it will tell you whatnot to mix with the beta blocker. I HATE MY PACs!!! I feel that if i didnt have them or even if i didnt feel them i would feel so much better mentally and physically!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I cried at midnight as the new year rang in cause i rang it in with my heart skipping beats.
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The user agreement for Epocrates, transferred to Microsoft Word, is 9 pages long. Sheesh. Nice site though. I entered Dilantin, a drug that I take, and an impressive list was produced of medications that are contraindicated, need to be avoided or substituted, or monitored. This is one reason that I warn against taking supplements without consulting a competent Doctor or Pharmacist.

I use [ drugs dot com ] (add the www part, replace the dot with a period, and no spaces in-between) and select the Drug Interactions Checker. Agree to the terms (not registration, just that you can't hold them liable) and start to enter the medications that you take. A pop-down list occurs if you spell it correctly. Select the drug. When the list is complete, hit the Check Interactions button.

This site (perhaps Socrates as well) even has vitamin and supplements listed. I entered Gingko Biloba with my medication list, and it has this to say: "Ginkgo toxin (found in both the Ginkgo leaf and seed) is a known neurotoxin. Some investigators have concluded that the amount of toxin is too low to exert a detrimental effect. However, avoiding use of Ginkgo in known epileptics has been recommended because the Ginkgo toxin that is present may diminish the effectiveness of anticonvulsant medications."

This is important. Supplements are not safe just because they are "Natural". I am not saying that they, as a whole, are not safe, but you need to use care in taking them just as you would use care in taking medications. I took out Ginkgo and added Magnesium. Now it says that antacids can decrease the level of phenytoin and may cause problems for people being treated for seizures. Again, a seemingly harmless addition to your Over-The-Counter (OTC) Supplements can have a negative impact on your prescription medications. Oh, and it's not limited to OTC Supplements vs. Prescription, and can also be OTC vs. OTC Supplements that cause problems.

Bottom line:

Do not use these sites to discontinue your medication based on what you read. If you have concerns, ask your Doctor. You can also ask your Pharmacist for information about drug interactions. Pharmacists have more education concerning drugs than Doctors do. (I am not saying that every neighborhood Pharmacist is a fountain of advanced knowledge, but if you find a good one, stay with him/her). The Pharmacy program used to be 5 years in college and a Registered Pharmacist was the degree. (Wikipedia says the lowest degree formerly was a B.S. Pharm, I think I would take offense at that title ;-) The program is now 6 years long and the degree is a Pharm D. (Doctor of Pharmacy).

Do not use these sites to self prescribe. If you are aware of medication/s that you feel may benefit you, talk with your Doctor.

Do not become overly concerned about some of the listed side effects and drug interactions. (especially if the interaction is listed as mild). If you see a combination that emphatically says to avoid, call your Doctor or Pharmacist and ask them about the combination.

Take note of Food and Supplement interactions as well. For my list of medications, cautions against Grapefruit consumption are listed. As I said before, the list also included antacid interactions.

Be well for the New Year to All.
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