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PVC ablation - anyone had one

I am interested in hearing from anyone that has had a pvc ablation.
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Sorry that nobody has responded to your post:( The weekends tend to be slow around here.

I have had 4...(3 for SVT) and (1 for RVOT-VT) none for PVC's, at least not yet anyway:)

Hopefully someone will hop on and see your post and jump right in!
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Hi....I have had 3 ablations done.. 2 for RVOT-VT and 1 back in Nov. for pvcs.. I was having alot of pvcs (10,000 24hr.). So my Ep decided to go in and try to ablate them. It took a total of 1hr and he ablated 1 small area.

Are you having alot of pvcs?
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Did the PVC ablation work for you? Do you still have them?
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I thorw over 5000+ pvc's a day and my doctor said that an ablation procedure and EP study were more risky than the PvC's themselves, so I never got the operation.  Of course this is a case by case problem, so some people might benefit from the procedure.
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I had an ablation in 1996 for SVT.  It has been 12 years free from racing heart beats until recently started getting sinus tach, pvvs and pacs.  But It was so worth it!!
I'm upset that problems are starting to arise again, but then I give my head a shake and remember how calm things have been since the ablation...
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yes, I am having quite a few.  A 24hr monitor picked up 32,000. I am scheduled for an ablation at CCF on 9 Feb.

Do you have to be on coumadin or off coumadin for a PVC.
What did the dr. tell you are the risks.

Thanks for your response
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Please let us know how it goes. I am desperate to have an ablation for my PVCs but my doctor assures me it would be unsuccessful because my extra beats are being triggered in multiple places. I can't live with these things anymore.
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Hi.... 32,000 seems like a high number of pvcs.. Are you symptomatic with them?  I am very symptomatic with mine.. I  was also scheduled for my pvc abaltion at the Cleveland Clinic, but I decicded to stay close to home and have my local EP do it...Who is the EP that is going to do your ablation?   Are you close to Cleveland Clinic?

I was never on coumadin so im not sure about that...

Well, Good Luck with the ablation!!!!  please let us know how it goes...

Crikett559....Hi..My Ep ablated one spot in my right ventricle that was the only one that  showed up.. As far as the pvcs, I still have some but they are not like they use to be before the ablation. I still can have a bad day with them, but not that often.

jondsam....Hi.. My holter showed about 10,000 24hr. I am so symptomatic with them, thats why my EP decided to go back in the ep lab to try and get me some relief from them.

Missalisa...Hello..I know exactly how you are feeling..My Ep told me the same thing, If they are coming from only one area and if there was enough of them to map then the success rate is high, but if there was multiple areas then that would be difficult. If you have multiple areas in there then sometimes a second attempt of ablation is offered.
Have you worn a holter to see how many pvcs you are having? I know they can turn your life upsise down, I have had them for years and at times i would say to myself " I cant do this anymore" but I did and im still here... Im still having some pvcs even after my ablation I had done in Nov. they arent as bad as they were but once in awhile they make it known that they are still with me.

Has your Dr. offered any meds to help you?
please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing?
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Dr. Walid Saliba is the EP at Cleveland Clinic that did my a-fib ablation in Oct 08.  He looked at my 24 hr monitor and said the majority of my pvc's are coming from the same place (I got a break/blessing there) so I am scheduled for pvc ablation Feb 9.  First he will try to reach it from the inside and then if he can't reach it (because it is way up there) and may be coming from an epicardial focus, he will attempt to get it epicardially.  A slight difficulty that all eps have told me is that if they have to do it epicardially, it will be more complicated, because I have adhesions from a previous VSD repair I had back in 1984.  Dr. Saliba said he has done about 100 of this kind of epicardal pvc ablation with prior open heart surgery patients that have adhesions.  He said he has had successs with about 20% - which I know is not good statistics but I am going for it anyway.  It is now in the Lord's hands - He is the worker of miracles.

Yes, I am on toprol, and I was on flecanide for 3 years when I had a-fib
eposides, however, I am a-fib free now and came off the flecanide 10 Dec - I guess I could go back on flecanide, but even on the flecanide I would get 15,000 to 16,000 pvc's on a 24 hr monitor.

Keep me in your prayers and I will certainly keep you posted as to the outcome - I understand there is a 80% success rate for just plain old epicardal pvc's.  So you I would think would be a good candidate.
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I had a PVC ablation at the Cleveland Clinic in 2005 by Dr. Schweikert. It was successful. I still get them occassionally but not like the many thousands I got every day. I take low sodium V-8 and they go away and watch my electrolytes.
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So glad to hear that yours was successful...I look forward to the day. Dr. Schweikert is no longer at CCF, as you must know. How long ago was it.    Was yours an epicardial ablation?.
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