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PVC, bradycardia and chest pain

Chest pain, PVC and Bradycardia?

Hello! Just looking for some insight on what I may be dealing with.

30 year old female, moderate alcohol use (weekends 5 ish drinks), previously vaped nicotine for 3 years and quit 2 weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I went to the ER with chest pain on my left side. They ran an EKG, chest X-rays, and Troponin bloodwork. Everything came back completely normal.

I then started Prozac (20mg) for ongoing general anxiety - I took it for five days before I started experiencing Bradycardia with a resting heart rate of 32-49. I went to emergency again and the doctor told me to get off ASAP. They took bloodwork to look at my electrolytes, thyroid function and hormones and everything was perfect. The EKG showed that I have Trigeminy. My blood pressure was 120/89.

I’m still having the chest pain which also moves to my back (between shoulder blade and spine) on my left side. The pain feels internal, almost like a quick muscle cramp (sharp squeeze) that happens for about a second and then goes away. This happens intermittently all day. Nothing seems to make it better or worse. I’ve tried Asprin, Aleve, Advil, and Tylenol and none seem to cut the pain. It doesn’t feel muscular or like a nerve because movement and positional changes don’t seem to affect it. Deep breathing doesn’t make it worse.

I did see a chiropractor last week and the pain went away for a few days but it back again. He took X-rays and said everything looked fine with my spine and hips.

I just don’t know what to do about the pain. Both emergency room doctors had no answers for me and it’s making my health anxiety skyrocket.

I have an appointment with my GP Tuesday, is there anything I should ask her to check that can help me get some answers?
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Try a physical therapist, not a chiropractor. In case your issues are structural look into Kent Keyser in Eugene Oregon. You won't be able to see him because you don't live in the US, but you can check out what he does and try to find someone similar in your country.
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Hello~I understand your fears and concerns. I have had the same issues and have gone to the ER so many times I have lost count and every darn time I do, they do the EKG, and blood work and all is "normal" I have had anxiety over this so many times, I still feel that they are missing something, but they say they aren't and that I have health anxiety. So, I am trying to work on it, but it is not easy. My GP has told me not to worry, but I still don't believe it. I want more tests like and Echo, but they say I don't need it, if I had one, I would have to pay and I can't afford one as it is over one thousand dollars. If they thought I needed it, it would be paid by the government as that is that how they do tests over here. I fight fear over those horrid things daily. Thankfully, m blood pressure is perfect as is the rate of my heart, it is just those horrid skips which sometimes can go off and on for days. I worse a seven day monitor, the results were good, no serious beats, but I didn't have the ones that can scare me. I had to pay for that as well as they said I didn't need it, but I wanted it for reassurance, sadly, it did not give me that as I did not have some of the "atrial runs" etc that I normally have.

I hope you feel better soon and the answers and help you need, worry about them is awful, and sadly, makes them worse, I know, but I still can't stop. I refuse to take any anti-anxiety drugs, they work opposite on me. I also will not take beta-blockers, my blood pressure is low to normal and as I said, my resting heart rate is in the 60's to 70's.
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