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PVC or PAC? How worried should I be

I have been suffering with these symptoms for 10-11 years I am a 28 yo male, healthy weight, no real medical history. I basically feel a sinking feeling then a big pop and feel a rush of warmth in my feet. No pain, dizzyness etc. 10 years ago these sent me to the ER 3-4 times, nothing ever picked up in hospital. Eventually saw gp ran ekg, ecg, stress, 24 hr Holter no issues although I was never given any results or diagnosis and basically told to relax and toughen up (old school doc). I Moved on and I have had these sensations recurring these last 10-12 years but only perhaps 1-10 a month. Fast forward 11.5 years and I got about 30 in one evening accompanied by an extreme panic attack (June 2017). I have been slowly spiralling downwards over this and have lost 15-20 lbs due to anxiety losing appetite and  now getting these 3-15 times a day. My resting hr is 60 bpm lying down 65-70 sitting. I am getting hooked up to a 2 week event monitor next week by my new doc.

I have attempted to listen to my heart and on a bad day purposely trigger one. I was actually able to capture the sound of one I realize how unscientific this is but I was hoping someone could help interpret the sound. The normal lub dub sound however the second part the “dub” if you will was not in normal sync and was much quicker and closer to the lub than the preceding beats. No pause or change in rythym after.

Is anyone able to provide any further guidance and what are the odds given these facts I am going to keel over?

Excercise trgiggers them on occasion especially when out of shape the last several years but did not care until recently.
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The pattern of heart sounds certainly seems like a pvc.
What are your thoughts in regards to the remaining facts?

Will a 2 week monitor be helpful?

How much prognositc value do negative tests 11 years ago and a half dozen ekg and er visits add?

Also I have read that getting these during excercise is an ominous sign indicating death is near.

Usually I will feel 1-3 during an hour of intense cardio (usually at the top of a large inhalation or gasp) or much more frequent if doing heavy weight bearing excercise during deliberate strain/breath holding under heavy loads. This has only been during the past 3 years or so during excercise.

What constitutes a family history? My grandfather has been dealing with afib since his early 80s and has had an unssuccesful abalation around 5 years ago. He is 90 now but he is having more and more trouble with his ticker sadly.

I have an identical twin and he doesnt have to deal with any of this crap, my theory is that an unknown virus has crippled part of my heart.

I realize these are a lot of questions but if anyone has an insight into any of them it would be greatly appreciated.
After a holter I am exclusively getting PACs as my ectopic (one pvc over 2 weeks that I didn’t feel). I think the sound being a pac makes sense it was basically a full but uncoordinated beat fired from the atria that captured the whole heart just not in sync. The lub dub just sounded off compared to the regular beats.
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wouldnt worrying get them during exercise they arent going to kill you you’ve had these for 3 years however you could be experience pacs happen all the time during exercise it’s a vagal thing very benign. I exercise and get them and they are terrifying but not deadly unless you have lqts or structurall problems which you don’t but ask your cardiologist to make you at ease.
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