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PVCs / Palpitations back

Hi everyone. I had an SVT / Atrial Tach ablation done Sept 1st 2017 so just passed my one year mark - up until then I've been feeling okay off and on PVC's occasionally. Saw my cardio for a follow up in July and he cleared me for a year and to call if anything. I recently have been working out / dieting and I have lost 6 pounds in the last month, so not doing anything unhealthy. The past few weeks have been very very stressful for me but I've been feeling better since Tuesday. Since yesterday ( Thursday ) I have noticed I have been getting the PVC's again - for me it feels like my heart is racing in my chest but my pulse is relatively normal - 85-96 normal resting is in the 70's ( I have an apple watch ) I'm not wanting to call my cardio for it to be nothing but I am starting to get concerned about them showing up again even with a healthy weight loss. Any advice? Trying to not let anxiety from it take its course either but everyone knows how that can be.
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PVCS feel like a hard thud or flutter. Are you sure you mean to say that you are having more  PVCS lately or that you might think the SVT is back? I have never heard of anyone describe PVCS feeling like their heart is racing.
I might not be using the right wording. I know my doctor told me I’ve been having PVC’s even hours after my surgery but he wasn’t concerned. It’s literally feels like my heart will be racing but my pulse is normal. I don’t know what it is or if I should bother my doctor again.
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Any changes in your life? (stress, job, relationships, infections etc)
A lot of stress about 2 weeks ago - grieving to be more specific but I didn’t know if it would affect me 2 weeks later. Almost positive I had a full SVT episode yesterday morning as I squatted down for a few minutes and came back up to my heart being 145. Today I skipped caffeine and felt some what okay.
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