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PVCs - just when you think you are better...

Hi all,

I had been experiencing some smoother sailing with respect to PVCs lately...in fact there were days when I noticed very few, and I was becoming almost "immune" to the odd sensation, and felt like I was possibly putting this issue in the rear view mirror...Well, I was wrong! Sunday night I was sitting with my daughter watching tv and WHAM - a run of trigeminy that lasted nearly 4.5 hours...even though I have trained myself to stay calm, it is still very distracting...It ruined my evening, and as always, deprived me of properly enjoying time with my kids...

I was optimistic that after the trigemny ended, I would be back to normal, but Monday - today have been isolated bumps and thumps all day long, many per hour, sometimes every couple minutes, morning through to night...

As many of you know - I have tried everything to abate these horrible PVCs...my only conclusion is that I am being punished for a lack of sleep leading up to Sunday, due to Christmas parties, work, and life in general...

Does anyone else find their PVCs come in waves??...Just when you think you are doing so much better, you get hit with a bad few days, even a week worth of higher frequency?? Do any of you find being over tired, or the days after being out late and having a few drinks are the worst?? I am trying to enjoy the lead up to Christmas, but my heart seems to have a different agenda...

My Christmas list is very simple - someone send me a cure for PVCs!! lol.

Best to all,
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My Christmas wish is the same as yours...actually, I don't care if I have them, I just don't want to feel them or be symptomatic with them.

At my students Christmas party last Friday, I had to read Twas the Night Before Christmas for their book exchange. Now, I have taught for 10 years, teach the gifted and talented class (which they like to think they are smarter than me at times:), am the department head, am working on my Masters so I have to give presentations online and attend weekly web conferences where you are pointed out in front of your colleagues, and my heart started going crazy while I was reading this story! I mean hot flashes, dizziness, breathlessness, the works. Many will say it was anxiety, which it could've been, but that doesn't make any difference when the anxiety affects the heart, and it does in my case. I felt horrible for the rest of the day, PVC's all afternoon and had to drive 2 hours the next day to see my dear friend receive her Masters...it was a nightmare!

I'm still not heart right today. Mine definitely come in waves and it's funny how little things will trigger them. Hormones, and eating are big issues for me as well. I thought I knew which foods to avoid, but sometimes it doesn't matter. I do have them more when I start back to work every fall. I think lack of sleep, stress over getting everything done, and working long hours aids in kicking them up. I think I am doomed to suffer with these for whatever reason. But like you, if Santa could bring me anything, it would be PVC relief. Hope you start feeling better. Merry Christmas!
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That should be students'...sorry. I so dislike we cannot edit our posts on here :)
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I just posted recently. Mine do come in wave's or as I like to call them runs. These last 5 days have been the worst in 7 years. I am on event monitor and I so tired of calling in with recordings already (only 2 days). My cardo doctor told me its like an airport. My runway is strong with new pavements and all the lights are working and it can handle all the planes landing. I told him I wish the airport would close. My airport seams to open at 8 am and closes at 10 pm. They stop at 10 pm on the dime like nothing never happened all day.
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Mine def come in waves. I am with you guys.  I do say that the Calcium and mag help, but I have my moments, believe me.  I was thinking the other day that docs always tell you to ignore them.  Even if I was 100% certain that they would NEVER make me pass out, or kill me.....I would still hate them.  I think they feel awful and I absolutely know that it is not me being anxious about them that make me feel that, but that the feeling itself S**KS!  Sorry....JMHO!
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Yikes, an event monitor for pvcs.  That's just crazy.  Are they trying to catch a specific type of episode you are feeling?  Have you had holter in the past?   They seem more appropriate for pvcs but are only for 2 days at the most.   I can imagine calling all the pvcs in must just be insane.  Good luck!
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I have to go along with most of the posters on here. Mine come in waves, and after months of calm they have come back full force. I have to also go back to my idea that this season tends to bring them on more. You're right, less sleep, more stuff to do, and all the anxiety that comes with the holidays...parties, shopping etc.....sing along with me folks...Happy Holidays, happy holidays...can't wait til they're over, and I can go back to my boring days.
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