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PVCs - some advice...this wont work for everyone but worth a try

This isn't a question but more of a post.

I am 43.  I have had PVCs since I was in college.  I played basket in college and discovered them during a game.

Testing showed I was ok.

As with everyone they eventually became more consistent.

About 5 years ago they became daily with rare breaks.

I met with multiple cardiologists and two EPs.  Every test imaginable short of a cardiac cath.

I had:

3 echos
2 stress tests
1 thallium stress test with angiography
1 stress echo
1 cardiac mri
8 Hooters
More ekgs I can count
At least 5 er visits

EP dr is phenomenal.  His name is Amit Thosani and is from Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

My PVCs are benign.

He was aware of this but offered to help.

Tried Atenolol.  Worked sporadically but were off too quick.

Scheduled me for an EP study/ablation.  1 day before ablation PVCs stopped.

On the EP table he gave me adrenaline.  PVCs started but he said he didnt think we should go through with procedure as they weren't frequent enough.

Tried Metoprolol Succinate.  Worked for about 3 weeks maybe?  PVCs kind of came back as expected

Offered me Flecainide.  Said it would help a lot and since Ove had so many tests, no danger to me.

I filled the prescription and it is still sitting on my shelf 6 days later.

Two days ago I was at my wits end and remembered that back in 2003 I read abo8t that Taurine/Arginine study.

In 2003 I bought Taurine tablets at GNC and three days later the PVCs stopped pretty much for good.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

2 days ago I started Taurine powder twice per days.  3000mg total.

The day I started the PVCs were less forceful.  Hard to explain

Two days late they've all but stopped.

For those like me who are looking to try anything.

It's worth a shot.

I make no guarantees other than it's worked twice for me.

It may stop working for me in two days who knows.

From what I've been reading about Taurine, it makes sense why it might work.

I bought my powder off of Amazon.  I'm not going to say the brand because I dont want it to seen like I'm pushing a product because I'm not.

These PVCs have all but wrecked me inside.  On the outside you wouldn't know.  Inside..no different ballgame.

Feels good when they go away
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Here's a link to that study for what it's worth

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Thank you for sharing.. I read the study and its very interesting.

I have been suffering with arrythmia's for a long time now and like you my PVCS and PACS seem to be getting worse... I am certainly going to give this a try. Can you please share with me the brand of powder you purchased? And the brand of the other supplement? You can send it to me in a message if you rather not post it on here..

Thanks again for sharing and I hope this proves a long term solution for all who try. My cardio provided me with a prescription for Flecainide years ago. I filled it and it sat in my medicine cabinet for years as I was to afraid to take it.. I figured I had it in the event I ever got desperate enough and I did come close a few times but the fear of what I knew about the risks with that medication was more then my fear of the PVCS.

I had an EP study years ago for SVT and NSVT but my dr wasn't able to provoke either long enough for mapping and so I didn't get to have ablation... I had all the other tests you mention several times over and I did have a normal cardiac cath when I was just 28 years old. I have a history of sudden death on my fathers side and so my cardiologist has always been pretty aggressive with testing.

In the last 2 years I have been suffering dizzy/lightheaded spells and sometimes I wake up gasping and choking in the middle if the night. I had a loop recorder implanted 2nd week of September and I had some genetic testing done around the same time. I just got my results from genetic testing on November 13th and there was a mutation found on my arrythmia panel in the gene responsible for the genetic form of Wolf Parkinson's White syndrome. The genetic dr has referred me to a colleague of hers that is a cardiologist at the University of Miami that she wants me to see. She wants me to have a cardiac MRI due to some mild changes on the echo I had earlier this year. The cardiac MRI is the only test I have never had done.
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I ended up getting some Taurine/Arginine supplements because, hey, why not?  I was taking 2g of each per day (split between morning and night).  Maybe coincidence but after a week or so the PVCs started tapering off and then now seem to be gone.  There's a lot of variables in the human body so who knows if the supplements were the reason - and just like you said, they may come back in full force tomorrow.  In the meantime, just another interesting data point I suppose.  I'll update again after more time has past.  They've been gone now for a week or so after having been persistent this time for around 9 months varying from 1k-10k+ per day.  This has been a nice change.  :-)  I didn't even have them after NYE...
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