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PVCs Anti inflammatory stopped them??

I have PVCs that have been diagnosed as benign. On a bad day, I notice anywhere near 1000. I have tried lots a treatments, beta blockers etc, but am active and already have a low RH. The Beta blockers made it slower.

By chance, I stopped my PVCs with Ibuprofen. I have since run a couple of tests to see if they come back after the drug wears of and they did.

I went to my GP and explained this. His response was, just be glad that they are gone.

He was missing the point. My question is this,

What could be inflamed or irritated enough the the PVCs become a symptom or by product?

I am 34, V healthy lifestyle, non drinker, non smoker, non coffee drinker. I eat a balanced diet and have been weight training since I was 12.
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hi there, did you ever figure out what was irritating your heart that led to PVCs? I'm experiencing almost the same thing. 6 months ago I started a new brand of strong probiotics and PVCs started and haven't gone away. When I'm having a really bad day with them I take Advil and they're alleviated. They're a symptom of another problem and I can't figure it out yet...
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It's really interesting what you said about positional flutters.

It has been suggested by clinic tgat my cause could be a haital hernia. I didn't realise I had digestive problems but do. Of always though your dinner coming back up was kinda normal!!!

The ib could have an affect short term on the HH. What do you think?
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I have irregular beats when lying on my left side.  Last time I had a echo cardiogram, I was told that lying on the left brings the heart closer to the chest wall and they can get a better image.  Also there is a reflux/vagal connection to irregular beats.  Eating a large meal, spicey foods, even an icy drink can put me into afib.  The vagus nerve lies along side the heart and if it is irritated, the heart can be also.  It seems to me Ibroprophen is now out of favor for people with heart issues, as is any of the NSAID medications.  Good luck with this.  I will be interested to hear what your doctor has to say.
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Thanks for the reply. That a really interesting view. I was wondering about a stomach/esophagus inflammation? The reason I am thinking that is:

If I sleep on my left hand side, I will wake up a few hours later with a horrible sharp burning in my stomach. If I role to the right, this disappears within 15 minutes or so.

I had a chat with someone yesterday about diet and the stomach. I have a large glass of orange everyday with breakfast. I clearly have a little bit of reflux but have never really taken any notice of this until it came up in the discussion.

I had always assumed weight training improves heart function? Its really interesting you mention areas around the heart.

I am seeing the Cardio in a week or so having had a day day monitor on. I am in no doubt that my focus was on my heart when it should have been something a little more obvious. Its finding the obvious that's the hard part!
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I am not a doctor and really don't completely understand the dynamics of the heart but it could be the weight training is putting a strain on the heart or the muscles surrounding it and the ibuprofen helps alleviate the strained muscles.  That said, I am not sure it is good for you to take ibuprofen everyday.  I wonder if there is a healthier alternative like how Glucosamine + Chondroitin help the joints there has got to be something natural that helps muscle inflammation I would think.  Maybe check out a health food store and see what they have to say.
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