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I'm a 25 year old female suffering from pvcs.  I was diagnosed with pvcs 9 years ago but it still worries me.  I've been to doctor to doctor to doctor right now I have a loop monitor recorder implants under my skin to monitor my heart.  I have had so many 24 hour holtor monitors that weren't catching my systems so they decided to implant one under my skin.  I'm prescribed to 25mg of metoprolol tartrate 2xs a day and 50mg Zoloft.  It seems that my pvcs come in waves it will last for a whole week every couple months.  The doctors all say I'm fine, their benign, but I'm having a hard time accepting that when its been happening all day every day! It happens more so upon standing or taking a deep breath it gets worse.  Has anyone ever gone through this where it comes in waves and just doesn't stop!? Is it dangerous? Should I be concerned I'm at my wits end!
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hey i to am going threw something like you are , i have pacs and for 4 days now they have come and gone, and when they come its like clusters than go away than come back so i feel your stress, i don't have them like this so scary for me to i think as we get older they get worse not sure . I've had them 35 years on and off but last 2 years they last longer, i am 56 now, hope yours are better now mine are with me they feel like flutters , crazy
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Isolated ectopic beats, even quite a few of them, that come and go in an otherwise healthy heart are not a danger to you.  Having upwards of 20,000 a day everyday is when the doctors get concerned. Do you know how many you are having in a day when you feel them?  Regardless, if they come and go odds are your heart will recover from any effects so try to not worry.  Stress and anxiety are big triggers.  As well caffeine and sugary foods and carbohydrates as well stomach issues so see if you can see a pattern to your ectopics that you can work on correcting and see if that helps.  best of luck getting on top of this but the more you stress about them the more of them you will have. Take care.
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I get heart PVCs too! It feels like a stop a pause then a real hard beat! Sometimes it is scary like your heart will not start again. The recovery beat after the skip sometimes hurts like it hits my ribs with force. I can hear these hard thuds in a quiet room. and can see them too! I though have always had a strong visible heart. My heart has always been strong and powerful and visible! I am an athletic man'6' tall 210 lbs. I workout do martial arts, am healthy as can be. But my heart beats like a hammer in my chest. I have visible pulsations on my chest and it shakes my whole body. After exercise, you would be able to hear and see it thumping standing next to me. My Dr. says I am healthy as a Tiger and it's just from being athletic. It makes a large muscular heart.
Is your heart visible when it does this?
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