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PVC's/PAC's and exercise


I am a 26 year old female who has been experiencing PVC's and PAC's for about 6 months.  I first noticed them when I was working out one day...scared the **** out of me so I stopped.  Since then, I've noticed more and ended up getting a round of tests done (holter monitor, EKG, Echo, and stress test), all of which confirmed that these are PVC's and PAC's and 'benign.'.  Maybe you all can relate in wondering how something this scary is supposed to be 'normal' hahah, it's almost comical to me at times.

My question is if anyone else out there feels these more so during your workouts?  I have pretty much stopped working out all together b.c they are so scary and while my cardiologist says they are benign, I find it hard to work through these.  What are tips to help ease myself back into this or learn to become ok with these happening?  It's so scary and it's definitly changed me as a person . I love doing ANYTHING and find myself avoiding any sort of physical activity b/c I worry about these....

Help :(
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Just know your not alone, I have no advise for you because I avoid excercise out of fear of pushing my heart to hard.   I am sure there are many people here that might have some words of wisdom.
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I'm in the same boat as far as exercising and PAC's. Do your's happen during or after you exercise. Also, what do they feel like? I can feel mine in my throat almost like there is something stuck in there. I also can of course feel the skips when taking my pulse. Did your Dr say anything regarding exercise and skipped beats. I'd be interested in what they said. I know how you feel though. How can these skipped beats be normal and harmless in a healthy heart. I doesn't make much sense...
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Dito. i get them more in the recovery phase of exercise. Sometimes I feel my pulse while I jog and I feel skips (with my fingers but not in my chest). I don't worry about that too much but I'm spooked from the episodes I've had where my heart just totally gives out for a few seconds, rapid fires, stops again, rapid fires and then goes into 350bpm overdrive for 5 minutes.
Needless to say I'm scared shittless too. So I just play light tennis, light jog, or walk. I've learned that (so far at least), lifting things or walking up stairs brings my symptoms on so I try to keep my heart rate under 135 and don't lift heavy stuff.
wow, I can so relate.  Steps and lifting are so hard for me. I so wish I could exersize, but so afraid and it makes me feel bad.
wow, I can so relate.  Steps and lifting are so hard for me. I so wish I could exercise, but so afraid and it makes me feel bad.
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Yes - I've started to get them, and for some reason, I don't really notice them during the exercise (running to about 80% of peak HR), but they definitely appear post-exercise (usually several hours later).  Have thought it might be dehydration/electrolyte imbalance, or some sort of vitamin deficiency.  Have cut out alcohol (noticed it seemed to bring this about more consistently) and am trying multivitamin.
That said, is vigorous exercise still ok?
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yesterday was the 1st time i noticed a skipped beat- after running i took my pulse and noticed a lub dub, pause, lub dub - skiped a beat, i walked for a minute sat on the bench and same thing - would not have known at all unless i checked my radial pulse.  i went home ran my stairs 3 times and took my apical pulse with my stethocsope - same thing there was a skipped beat - noticed it twice - here however the skipped beats coincided with a strange feeling in what i thought was my esophagus - like a big air bubble going up the esophogus.  can anyone else relate to this feeling during a skipped beat?

went to cardiologist today- ekg and echo normal, stress test in 3 weeks - he thinks benign

hope it stops - i'm afraid to exercise as well
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Thank you all for your responses...I've been on vacation so I just got them all :)  As far as when I feel them regarding exercise, I always feel them about 5-10 minutes into my workout...These ones I feel at this time are not small ones either...these are the big ones that take your breath away...make me feel like coughing after.  I grab my chest and just kinda think 'holy shi* wtf!' lol people at the gym must look at me and think this chic is going to fall over dead or something.  

Stutterheart, like you said...its almost like my heart just stops and jets up again..but mine only happens once at a time..then maybe 5 min later, it will happen again. I usually get about 3-4 per workout when I get them...yet some days I get none.  I do get one or two RIGHT after my workout...but after about 10 min of cool down, they disappear.  

when I saw the cardiologist, I had a few EKG's, holter monitor, echo, and a treadmill stress test...and HURRAY!  the skipped beats happened during EKG and stress test which was great b.c they were able to confirm that is what it was.  all were PVC's or PACs yet they all felt a bit different.  As far as excercising they said its fine...b/c these are benign im supposed to 'go on my merry way' while exercising and just work past them.  If it bothers me just stop, but that its ok to continue.  I guess its just mental at this point..finding a way to tell myself im ok and to just ignore them, but with how intense these feel i just want to stop immediatly.  

I do get some after minor things like walking up stairs or carrying heavy things...its like 'really??' I'm not hardly exerting myself.  but I think its all about learning that this is now a part of me, and that this will evenutally be 'normal' heart activity for me.  

momoF3kids7:  all pvc's are different for me..I have something very similar to that..and yes it feels like its near my esophagus...its so strange to me b.c i have what feels like flutters...then there's thumps...then there's the big ones that feel like my heart stopped or going to explode with that one beat...its so crazy, and perhaps pvc's are a bit diff feeling than pac's which is why mine feel diff from day to day (ive been diagnosed with both).  Its hard b.c everyone describes them diff...what I do know is that we can all agree these things SUCK!  

Sometims I forget what life was like before these (just 7 mo ago!)...I feel like now all I do is worry and wonder if these will eventually kill me lol...even though they are 'benign." my cardiologist didn't know why all of a sudden I started feeling these...but I guess I'm just one of the many who do.  

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