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PVC's, PAC's or what?????

I am so scared. I am prone to PVC's and PAC's and I think I am familiar with how they feel, but last night, this was so different, I have been in tears since.

You see, I have been under EXTREME stress for the last few months, so far, the skipped beats have not been bad, but, a few days ago, I had another big stresser and then the skips started again and last night, wow.

I laid down to go to bed, was nervous already fearing the start of the skips. Well, shortly after, I felt the weird "blips" in my throat, I felt my pulse and it was starting to beat faster, then I felt a skip, well, fear level got higher, pretty soon, the heart was going faster and I was feeling all kinds of flutters.

I will try to demonstrate,  beat beat beat, pause, beat, pause beat beat beat, pause beat pause beat beat beat beat beat beat pause beat pause beat pause, etc. It is so hard to explain. This went on for what seemed like forever, but in reality, it was probably less than 10 minutes.

When it stopped, I still had a fairly fast heart rate but it, too, had slowed down. I finally went to sleep, but when I woke up, after after about a half hour, the awful "blips" in the throat started. I am now petrified. Those throat "blips" have been going on for a few days, but the episode last night was the worse I have had in years.  

I have seen a doctor about it and have begged for a monitor in the past, he refuses and says I will have to pay if I want one (I live in New Zealand and if the doc thinks the test is warranted, we don't have to pay, but if he doesn't, we have to go "private" and we pay, well, my husband and I are on a very fixed income, we live week to week, so, I can't afford it.  

He just says it is all "nerves" well, maybe, but if I could see results from an event monitor, I would feel better. (I am from the states and have worn an even monitor before and it came back pretty good, also had two echo's, they were good, but over here, I can't get them, only an EKG)

I am so scared. I am shaking. Here are my stressers:  In December, did a stool test for blood, sent it in and it came back "Positive" meaning blood was found, I have never had a "positive" test before so, they scheduled me for a colonoscopy, it was set for January 25, well, I was so scared, I canceled it. Yesterday, I saw the tiniest streak of blood on the TP, I am prone to anal fissures, so it may be that, but I am now petrified of cancer, I have called the colonoscopy department and they said they can't get me back in until April as due to Covid, they are seeing very few patients each month. It was after that that my skips started to get worse.  

Other things that cause the skips are: Deep breathing, bending over, slouching in a chair, eating and drinking fluids, in other words, EVERYTHING. I do have a hiatal hernia and sometimes passing gas helps.

I know none of us are doctors here, but it does help to share. God bless you all.
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Hello Sassy!
All of these symptoms you have, I have them.
Research on Roemheld Syndrome, and also try to take things for gas. Gas can cause extreme PçVCs in my case.

Also pooping. I just had a massive PVC, painful and knocked the wind out of me. I stood up, had a poop and now I feel super tired and "palpity" , but a bit better.

In these cases I can also recommend therapy as a sumplemental help. Letting all this out helps a lot.

Work on on how relieving stress. I am not sure if you mentioned it, are you on beta blockers? Thy helped me a lot.

I also bailed out of several endoscopies due to fear, and I’m afraid to have stomach cancer due to years of stomach pain and ulcers.

Stay strong, life goes on. If you can gather the courage to get checked, do it. If you can´t, don´t feel bad about it.
Please get a therapist, they can help wonders.
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Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

I think that gas could be a contributor for sure, I also have a hiatal hernia and GERD. I noticed when I have a BM, it sometimes helps, but not for long unfortunately.

My doctor had recommended Beta Blockers but I am so afraid of them. So many people I know have been on them for palps but they didn't help at all and all it did was make them feel tired and a wee bit dizzy. My blood pressure is on the low side anyway, and since I am prone to vertigo, I don't want any extra scary feelings.

I have a colonoscopy this Tuesday and I am petrified, I already cancelled once, but then I decided that was wrong, so, I rescheduled. My husband had bowel cancer, was discovered 4 years ago this month, but he is fine now and cancer free. The same surgeon that worked with him will be doing the procedure so I know him well and like him. I am just afraid of having skips during the test, I told the nurse when she called to ask if I had an questions, and she said she will make sure that they hook me up to the heart monitor during the procedure for peace of mind.
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Doesn't anyone have any suggestions or just comments if this has happened to you?  

I went to my GP yesterday, he did an EKG, it was "Moderately abnormal" he looked at it and said it was completely good but I am worried because it said I had LAE (Left Atrial Enlargement) but he said the tracing was excellent. I am still having skips and still scared. I wish folks would comment.
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I forgot to add that my age is 64, I do not smoke, drink alcohol or do any type of drugs. I have great blood pressure. I have fibromyalgia and in a lot of pain at times,  I have had anxiety attacks since my twenties, most of the time they are not too bad unless under a lot of stress.                                                    
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