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PVCs and Allergies

I'm so happy to have found this site.  For years, I wished I could find someone to talk to about PVCs other than my doctor.  Someone here wrote that we should make friends with out PVCs.  I find that advice occasionally helpful.  I have eliminated any possible cause from my diet.  I eat not artificial sweetners, no junk food, no alcohol, etc... and the PVCs persist.  I do find that when I am busy at work, I can tolerate them better and I do not feel them at all when I am at the gym.  I am easy going and have no anxiety.  When I have experienced stress, I don't get the PVCs.  It's like they come our of nowhere for no reason.  My doctor gave me a low dose prescription for Xanax to take when they really bother me, and it does help a lot. The only problem is that it makes me feel tired so I drink a strong cup of coffee with it. Even the caffeine does not bother my PVCs if I have taken the Xanax.  For a cold, I take Nyquil which also seem to give me some relief.  I often wonder if PVCs are not somehow connected to allergies of some kind. I don't know.........it's mystery to everyone I guess. I think I just have to keep reminding myself over and over again that I'm not going to die from these and that there are other people out there suffering from much worse things.  I'll be praying for all of you because I know exactly what you are going through.  Let's hope some cardiologist decides to take this on as a research project and get some answers for us.  My mother is 81 and she has them occasionally along with some other type of problem such as WPW, bundle branch block, rapaid heart beat, and one other that I can't remember.  She is still physically active so I guess we will all be ok too.
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Hi Lucy4550.  Thank you for praying for others as I also pray for you as well.  

It seems that PVC's have a mind of their own as to why, how, when and where they wanna go dancing, don't they?  

I also been prescribed low dose xanax to use when they get to the point that I find it very difficult to tolerate.  I take no other medication; however, I do pray and that helps me tremendously.

I had an elderly man tell me that his dad lived with PVC's his entire lifetime, even as a child.  In the end, he didn't die from heart failure.  He lived to be 101 yrs. old!

That's interesting to bring up a possible cause such as allergies.  

I commented on a post the other day that, in my case, I like to think that instead of thinking negative that my heart is not doing right, that maybe its possible that our hearts are actually healthier than most?  For example, if, in the event my natural pacemaker wanted to fail.  I would have several other spots in my heart that would not mind in the least to just jump right in there and fire off!  The heart that wouldn't die.  Imagine that!  Lol

Blessings and pleasant thoughts to you.
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In the end........all we really have is prayer as our Father is our healer. I was reading somehwere that people with PVCs often take better care of themselves because we are always looking for an explanation and hoping that the elimination of a possible food or chemical may be the answer.  Another thing I forgot to bring up in my posting is that my PVCs tend to get worse during seasonal changes such as the transition from winter to spring and then from summer to fall.  Who knows.......we just have be happy for every beat no matter when it occurs.  You are right......turning what we perceive as a bad thing into something good helps tremendously as well as strengthening our faith. There are so many people who out there who have PVCs that possibly we are the norm.  Thank you for your response.

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Yes, I've also experienced the PVC's change in frequency and or severity during changes of weather and seasonal changes, as well, esp. when it's really cold or really hot; however, when the temperature seems "just right" for me, I tend to have a milder day regarding PVC's.  I've even wondered if barametric pressure can play a part.  I think in my case it may.

Do you experience the common allergy symptoms?  My sister does; but, I do not.  She was administered allergy shots for x amount of time.  Have you taken allergy shots or medication for it?  Did it seem to help reduce the PVC's for you?  I was wondering, because you may be on to something.  It is deffinantly worth investigating.

Blessings this day and pleasant thoughts to you.

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Yesterday it went from seasonably warm to very cold.  I noticed an increase in my PVCs.  A few days prior to that, it was unseasonably warm,.....again an increase in the PVCs.  I don't have any diagnosed allergies but do take a Claritan several times a week.  The doctor told me that allergy testing is a waste of time.  The Claritan helps with the sneezing and coughing but does not really make much of a difference in the PVCs. I just rely on Xanax when they get bad.  It doesn't take away the PVCs.....it just helps me tolerate them.  That's why I'm not convinced that anxiety is really a trigger.  Ohh well......for now.....it's off to the gym.  The exercise does bring temporaray relief.

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