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PVC's and PAC's 5 years after Ablation

I had Heart ablation 5 years ago close to 6 and in the past couple of months my PAC's and PVC's have come back with a vengence. I use to have SVT's but found out during the procedure that I was born with 2 A-nodes and 5 flaps of skin grown over my electrical path which was burnt off. I was doing great and had very few episodes since until recently. I am taking 200 ml. of Metoprolol per day and Xanax for anxiety. I am very anxious and am sitting around doing nothing and not enjoying life anymore in fear that my heart is going to skip a beat and it scares me to death. I am driving my family insane and I do nothing but sit around and take my pulse. It never races anymore. Thank goodness for that. Just the jerking feeling I have in my chest flips me out. I have dealt with this since I was 10 and now I am 47. I was 5 years free of the disturbance. I have talked with my Doctor about it and he feels a second ablation is not necessary. Help!!!! I want to be back like I was 3 months ago. Any suggestions? I know that they are benign but my mind doesn't. I want peace from this horrible thing. My son is 24 and he has them every 3rd beat but he never notices one of them. I wish I couldn't. I can take my pulse without touching a pulse point. I know everytime that my heart beats without touching I count them in my head. I need some advice quick before I loose it.Any advice or comments woould be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Deseperate in Tennessee
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Don't assume that because they are back now that they are here to stay. I just went through a year or more of unrelenting PVCs, for some reason they recently suddenly stopped (other than 15 or 20 a day). I am still in disbelief. I had 700 on the last Holter Monitor that I had. I had at least 2 other Holter Monitor Tests in the last year. I also had worn an event monitor for about 3 weeks during that period. Finally this culminated with my second Cardiolite Stress Test in the last 3 years.

I was also afraid to exercise since they would seem to increase with stress. But during the Stress Test my natural Pacemaker outpaced the PVCs probably when my pulse went above 100 Beats per minute. I only made it to 120 BPM, (Legs get tired, and the residual Beta Blocker keeps my Heart Rate slower than desired) the target was 175, but the Doctor was pleased with the results.  I felt really good doing the test, although as I sat there hooked to the EKG waiting for the test to begin I was throwing one PVC after another.  I didn't think that it was going to be possible to do the test. Several days after the Stress Test, they started to decrease.

Your son has Trigeminy (one every third beat)? I go through episodes of that.

My wife works for my Cardiologist. Their office will get patients (referred by family Doctors and Doctors that do pre-employment physicals) with so many PVCs that she can't get their pulse. The Doctor will take the patient's pulse and talk with them. The Doctor can feel the PVCs occurring in their pulse. He'll ask the patient "do you ever get any palpitations?" Often the patient says "no". If the Doctor examines the patient, knows their symptoms and has normal results for EKGs (and other tests when necessary), he often won't make the patient aware of the arrhythmia. He feels that the patients may needlessly worry about the arrhythmia and obsess about it.

Some of us, such as you, me, and many others on this forum, are acutely aware of every PVC or other Arrhythmia activity that we may have. Other are blessed with an unawareness of this activity. I had a coworker that suddenly developed a heart arrhythmia. He was hospitalized for a week or so as the Doctors struggled to control his arrhythmia. The Doctors believed a virus had permanently disrupted his pacemaker functions. They were preparing to do Cardioversion when they finally succeeded in bringing his arrhythmia under control with medications. He was released from the hospital and returned to work. Always being inquisitive, I asked if I could take his pulse. OMG, he had no rhythm that I could discern. PVCs throwing all over the place and a seemingly meandering heart rate both fast and slow. And this they felt normal. This was several years ago and he is still going strong. Despite the odd rhythm, the Doctors were confident in his ability to be released from the hospital and their judgment seems to have proven correct. If I were he I would obsess about it, but he is of a different temperament than me, he shows no awareness. (he knows his rhythm is odd, he just doesn't keep taking his pulse).

Best of health. Hopefully with time this will resolve on its own.
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Thanks for responding!!! I know that there are so many people out there with what we have but it makes me so angry especially after going through the ablation that this came back so abruptly!!!. Just out of nowhere. It scares me but I know after 37years of it that it is something that I have to try to ignore. I am so glad that my son can not feel his. He is lucky. I know every one that mine does. I can  take my pulse and it seems to stop and then flip and then back to normal for 20 beats and then back again. It doesn't hurt it makes me afraid to make quick moves. I told my doctor that I would not do a Nuclear Treadmill again or a Echo again because when I had that before my Ablation they told me that my heart was in perfect shape and I was having panic attacks to forget about it. Two weeks later I landed in the ER 3 times in one day with SVT's and PVC's and PAC's so bad I had to take 2 shots that you actually flat line from to try and steady my heart. It was beating 332 per minute. WOW!!!! Hummingbird. Then they put me in ICU and did the Ablation and I thought that I was over it once and for all. I ran for the first time and played ball with my kids for the first time and did lots of things that I was afraid to do before. Now I am back to just sitting like an old woman in fear of moving.I appreciate the things that you have told me.
You have made me feel better. I know when it happens nobody here understands how I feel because they have never had it before. I would never wish this off on my worse enemy. I hope that mine subsides like yours. I can handle a few a day but not constantly. My Doctor wants me to take Effexor ER to try to keep my mind off of it but it makes me so sick to my stomach that I can't eat or sleep. I have quit caffeine all together and things that I know that flair it off. Certain foods have a tendancy to aggitate it. Is there anything that you have noticed that makes yours worse? I will try anything right now.
I just want to be normal and fun again. I am too young to sit around and waste my life. I work full time and love to wrestle with my kids but I won't let them now. I have to always say no to going places because I don't want to get to far from home. It seems like it is my safe haven right now. Christmas is just around the corner and I don't even want to shop. I know that my Doc gets tired of my constant whining. I am going to keep hoping and praying that it reverses and it stops acting crazy. Nobody knows the feeling except for people like you. How old are you? I have dealt with it so long that I feel so deprived of life. Again thanks for the encouragement. If you or your wife has a different approach than the Metoprolol and Xanax let me know. I was taking Atenolol. I know they are Beta blockers but maybe there is something else that works better. I seen where someone mentioned Magnesium. Again thanks and I will pray that yours goes away and doesn't return. Not even 7 times a day.

Best of luck to you and thanks for your words of encouragment.
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I wouldn’t think that Effexor XR would be a good idea since you have an arrhythmia. If you want to relax, perhaps a mild tranquilizer, such as Xanax or Klonopin may be in order. Used sparingly and for particularly troubling times, it can be a Godsend.

Sleep is particularly important. For me, the difference between 5 hours or 8 hours of sleep can have a profound impact on arrhythmias, such as PVCs. Sometimes the idea of getting 8 hours of sleep seems to be almost impossible, the extra effort to get the extra sleep is worth it. I joke with everyone that 10:00 to 11:00 PM doesn’t exist. The reason is that while working with the computer during the 9:00 PM hour, 10:00 occurs before I know it. Thinking that I will work for a “little longer”, before I know it 11:30 has rolled around. I need to set boundaries for my work, I need to get to sleep by 10:00 if I want to have fairly reasonable rhythm the next day. If you and your spouse have a favorite TV show you want to watch, tape it (many people now have TIVO or DVRs which makes this task almost effortless), and watch it together the next day (or evening).

Triggers? Decongestants, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG found in Chinese food and elsewhere), alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, some vitamin or mineral supplements, colds and the flu, stress, and lack of sleep. Avoid any medications, such as diet medications, that would speed your heart up.

Several people on this forum have had similar experiences to you. Just today Donna Lee posted an update on her Husband Stu. I have emphasized with her and Stu, it’s difficult to understand what life throws at us. From her profile, the following: “Stu is the one who has heart probs beginning with bradycardia 2005, had 1st pacemaker 2006, ablation for atrial flutter 2007, new symptoms Atrial fib” She is listed as being 38 years old, I am not sure of Stu’s age, I am sure not too different than hers. Imagine being thrust into wearing a Pacemaker, then having ablation, then atrial fibrillation. Others, such as Celeste77 have had extensive problems with her rhythm.

You are normal. It’s difficult to be fun when you are concerned about your health. I had the occasion to go with my wife and others to watch a football game at the home of my Cardiologist. The ENTIRE TIME I was there, I was in Trigeminy, with the exception of very short periods when I successfully abated it by holding in a deep breath. There I would sit, involved in conversation, with my Doctor and some of his friends from the medical field. I walked around the house with these people, engaging them in conversation, (they were very friendly and non-snobby people), all the time with my blasted heart in Trigeminy. Even as I spoke with my Doctor, I had to use Herculean efforts to avoid grabbing his hand and making him take my pulse, hoping for his reassurance that all is well. But he had already told me that all was well, told me this after 3 Holter Monitors, 1 Event Monitor, and several in office EKGs taken at times when I was having problems (he told my wife it was OK to open the office and take the EKG for rhythms that I felt were of concern). My wife told the Doctor the next day about my Trigeminy, she said he looked up and said “well, he hides it well”. He still wasn’t concerned.

Something I wrestle with every year is Seasonal Affective Disorder, basically a depression, thought brought on by the lack of sun light. You need to be aware of such a possibility, as well as depression that sometimes occurs in association with Holidays (such as Christmas) and the anxiety and stress also associated with them. This may contribute to your problems. If you are not willing to venture out, plan activities with your Children at home, they don’t have to be physically challenging things, like romping about, but could include anything, such as games, decorating, etc. that will allow you to be involved through the season without feeling withdrawn.

Me, I’m 50 years old. I have had problems with my arrhythmia since I was about 15 years old. My wife has had best success with Nadolol, having tried Metoprolol and not been satisfied with it. Same with myself, I take Atenolol now, believing it best for me, but Nadolol was a close second. I tried Metoprolol but was unhappy with the results. Nadolol is also known as Corgard.

Best of health and happiness.
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I really enjoy reading your posts.  I get a lot of information and reassurance from you.  Thanks for posting!!
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Same with me, Artaud; I agree with finetilthree!  Your posts are so informative.  For me, it's as if you wrote my story; they are right on the mark!  Your descriptions are awesome and you've got a great way of explaining the "feelings" that often accompany our frustrations.
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Thanks so much for your support and the support of others on here. I am so glad that God lead me to this site. I have been so frustrated with my heart that I felt that I was the only one in the world that ever has so many PAC's and PVC's. I beg my hubby to take me to the ER every time but he insist that I am OK. I do the holding of the breath and the squatting and grunting to help stop them and it last for a few minutes but it rears its ugly head and right back again it comes. I can't understand if it is so common why someone out there can't seem to help us live a normal life. I thought after the ablation that I was home free, but now this. I feel like I can't win for losing. I cry everyday and am sad most of the time. I want to be not afraid. I know that at this point I will try any thing that anyone suggest. I want a normal life. Thanks everyone for the support. Glad I found you!! Karen
Did the pacs ever go away for you ?
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