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PVCs and Pregnancy

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on the Heart forum.
I want to start off with a little history! I am 22 years old and am pregnant (24 weeks)
I have a history of panic and anxiety which I was diagnosed with in late 2009 early 2010

I went to my primary doctor today and was telling her I keep having these heart palpaltations, which I know are common during pregnancy. She was listning to my heart and asked me if I was feeling the palps now and I said yes. She said that she knew excally what the problem was and she told me I was having PVCs. She told me there generally no concern since they are typically begine? I asked her if this was going to cause any long term problems and she told me no they are actually very common and they are more of an annoyance than anything else! What concerns me is that I have read online that they could be the cause of an underlying heart problem. I have never been unhealthy so should I trust this is normal or should I be more worried and also she wanted to prescribe me a beta blocker if I thought I needed it but was told they arent the best for an unborn fetus.. Would she prescribe something if it wasnt really that abnormal or maybe she was doing it to help me relax? HELP
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Beta blockers dont cure pvcs or stop them but help you not to feel them as much. I personally would not take them. I would however, request to see a cardioloigst and get an echo to be sure your heart sturcture is normal. I am not a fan of all the drugs that are over prescribed and can indeed cause problems. I wouldnt risk it for your baby.
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Thank you! I decided agnist taking them and was refered to a cardiologist. My primary thinks that it is nothing but want me to get it looked at to be sure. She assured me it is probably nothing but "normal for me" and that I dont need to stress about it being something!
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Glad you will see a cardiologist just to be sure, but you are right, it probably is the typical hormonal changes causing some benign palps. Good luck :)
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I ended up going to the ER last night because of the heart palps and they ran some tests on not only my heart but lungs. It was really scary because I kept looking at the heart moniter and somehow freaked myself out and had a panic attack and my heart rate was 165.. I felt like I was dying it was beating so fast. They did 2 EKGs and both were normal and I had a test called a XENON which is safter than at CT scan to make sure I didnt have a blood clot in my lung.. They also did a chest x ray but made sure the baby was covered. The only thing they found was that my potassium was low and started me on potassium pills to supplement during the pregnancy! Once I was discharged from the ER I was sent to Labor and Delivery where the baby was monitered and he is great.... I went for a follow up with my ob today and the babies heartbeat is great so he just wants me to see the Cardiologist but thinks this is completely pregnancy related. The hospital said strucally my heart looks great but they think I make have something irregular (pvcs) but I guess they wouldnt release me if it was anything horrible!!!
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